Sunday, July 8, 2007

Goodness it's been a long time. How dare I scoff at other's dusty blogs when I myself am so very very guilty? The main reason I've held off is that I never manage to get pictures of my work (the reason this is called sweet enemy ART) scanned and sized. Arkonbey says go ahead and just write stuff. But I am not one for writing so much as I am one for reading the work of others.
So while I'm waiting for paint to dry ( no, really) I'll offer up some of my favorite web readings:

Mimi Smartypants


Minor Tweaks
(amusing, and writes for, another good read)

Cerebral Smatterings
(Amazing artistic skills, found him through Illustration Friday)

Brass Goggles
(There are some people with amazing talent & focus out there)


Those last two are more aggregator sites of cool things, but certainly they will lead you to some interesting reading.

And finally, COMIX

Order of the Stick


There. At least I've updated. Now back to painting for a bit.