Sunday, March 3, 2013

Headed to the Party

Phoenix Books in Essex is hosting their annual Newt Night this month, and this year they're hosting a "Peepers and Creepers" exhibit as well. 
My friends there have fond memories of my Frog in the Forest piece, so I thought I'd revisit a little piece I made around the same time.  
This idea started as a tiny little colored pencil piece on 4x6" watercolor paper.  This time around it's acrylic on a 16x20" canvas panel.  I rushed a bit at the beginning, but I'm giving myself a little more time to fine-tune it before bringing it to the shop.  Feel like I'm setting new records for myself in terms of finishing pieces!

Stage 1 painted while Monty Python's Holy Grail (and ALL the extra features) played in the background.
Stage 1, thought I was finished but my in-house critic said..."hmmm."  Back to the easel!
Stage 2 painted while Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amelie played.  At this point, I decided it's not a good idea to try and have a subtitled movie playing while trying to paint.  Too distracting.

Stage 2:  Brightening things up a little bit.  Brought some blue-tones into his belly, not sure if that's working yet.
VERY happy with the umbrella.  Trying to get that same feeling elsewhere in the painting.

A better mushroom.  Stalk still needs work though.

Stage 3 begins this morning (though we're fast approaching noon.)  After being heavily fueled with a pile of doughnuts from our local baker ladies, a giant omlet and a big mug of Earl Grey tea, I'd better have enough energy to see this thing through.  Would like to deliver it tomorrow!

By the way:  here's the original little sketch.  I ran out of paper so his boots are cut off.  Little did I know the legs would be one of the hardest parts in re-creating him!  Trying to be at peace with the fact that the new version is exactly like the original in other ways.