Saturday, November 22, 2008

pretty little color boxes

I just found this beautiful post: a re-imagining of a Photoshop desktop; on Drawn
It's one of those things you wish you'd had the genius to think of yourself.
All those teeny little pieces: the wee drawers alone have me going all squidgy. (at least I think they're tiny, I haven't looked through the 'making of' section yet.) And the color palette! I'm betting color aid was involved. Remember color aid?

This reminds me of the cool little exhibit at our local library this month. A collection of antique watercolor paint boxes! We are talking real vintage here (not 1970's) as in perhaps your grandparents used some of these when they were kids. I always get that warm fuzzy feeling when I come across a toy I once had loved but had since forgotten. And there in the display case I see a watercolor tin with a circus painting on the lid. Oh! MY! This probably wasn't the one I'd owned, as it was in really good shape, but nevertheless, warm fuzzies. If you live out this way, check it out at the library. Worth the visit.

Tomorrow Miriam & I head to the Print studio to get some more prints made: I think she's working on her zinc plates, and I'm trying out some drypoint on plexiglass for the first time. Still have to bevel the edges, but I might have access to a file there in the studio. If not, I'm bringing my linoleum as backup. My finger is still hurting from trying to scratch my image into the plate with an old carving tool. But I think that's more the fault of how I held onto it than anything else. Still. Ow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

meme (what does that mean again? I'm too tired to look it up.)

It's an internet meme, hereby letting you in on how really boring I can be! (except the names section. There, I shine.) Things are a bit out-of-date, as this was from two nights ago.

1. Five names you go by:

A. Kristin
B. Nitsirk
C. hey, kid
D. sweet enemy
E. Miss Petunia

2. Three things you are wearing right now:

A. carharts (a bit mucky from the garden)
B. Darn Tough socks
C. Fleece pullover

3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:

A. more daylight
B. chocolate

4. 3 People who will probably fill this out:

hah! Most of you will probably ignore this. It's okay, I still like you.

5. Two things you did last night:

A. Started reading Ptolemy's Gate.
B. Ate too much candy.

6. Two things you ate today:

A. Eggs
B. Pasta & tomatoes

7. Two people you last talked to on the phone:

A. Miriam
B. Rick

8. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:

A. Take the car in for oil & tires (just in time)
B. Work. (the irony being, Rick works for a Canadian-owned company, yet HE gets an American holiday off.)

9. Two longest car rides:

A. VT to Maine, by way of Canada for stupid reasons.
B. Does the bus count? If so: Atlanta, GA to Portland, ME.

10. Two of your favorite beverages:

A. Cider
B. Tea

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

from the archives

After voting early yesterday, I came home to attack the mess in my studio. Glad to report that it feels wonderful in here now, though there are a few big piles of STUFF outside my door, and if I don't act soon they'll just creep back in.

Re-arranging the boxes in the far back of the closet I found a box of mementos that I hadn't looked through in years. Though my mom was very conscientous about dating my creations* this gem escaped notation. I'm super-pleased with how I managed to show these ladies really dancing. Rick loves the 'all-around' teeth belonging to the lady on the right. Perhaps I'll do a painting based on this.

*and often writing descriptions. Which is a good thing, as I would never have assumed that a picture of a guy in front of a teepee with a sleigh off to the side was my letter to the Easter Rabbit. Wow, those childhood narratives!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

decisions decisions

Ahhh... a beautiful fall weekend. After an idyllic day spent wandering around with friends, Rick and I returned home to have a quiet fall afternoon soaking in the remaining hours of sunlight. We've successfully ignored the piles of dishes, and I shall continue to ignore them on my day off tomorrow. Here's why:

It's late and I've just re-connected with an acquaintance from school, via Facebook. It was rather eye-opening in that it made me realize I've missed being in touch with the more contemporary art world, and that I need to seriously look over my goals as an artist.

Looking around my studio, (and how spoiled I am to have a room of my own!) I see how little of it is actually dedicated to making art for myself at the moment. Rather, it is full of random piles of detritus (that I threw in here when cleaning the house for our Horror Movie Night) not to mention several boxes of unpacked art from the last art show, and unpacked art materials from the last two events at the store!

I love the store, I always want to be involved in it, but I also need to go beyond my comfort zone and think about doing an artists' residency. I need to deflate my ego quite a bit and realize that everyone at the store can get along without me just fine for a week or two. (See why I've had a hard time actually even taking a vacation!)
More of my energy needs to be directed at my own growth, because I've got quite a bit of catching up to do when I look at my peers from school. At a show this summer, it was pointed out to me that even though I have a studio at home, I probably devote more time to housekeeping than studio work, and this is true. I haven't found a good balance yet, though I know some artists have achieved this.
The hungering I experienced upon reading about my former classmate's art experiences has me thinking that maybe it's something more than just a need to "keep up with the Joneses." I don't feel like I need to move to NYC, or to pander to the more ridiculous aspects of the art world. I DO think I need to break out of my usual routines and look both inward and outward, otherwise my senses will become dulled.