Saturday, April 11, 2009

Williston Community Foodshelf Update

So, it seems there's been a bit of mix-up in some email linking, so if you've found yourself here while trying to get to the web page for the Williston Community Foodshelf Fundraiser, you will find the correct link below:

Or try:

(The Williston Community Foodshelf does not yet have it's own website.)

More donations are coming, not just artwork but gift certificates and more. Bookmark it once you've found yourself there, so you can keep tabs on what you're interested in. The auction itself runs this May 1st- 7th.

p.s.: SK, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. almost finished our taxes) so I'll contact you soon with more info on my participation with the fundraiser.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Portfolio

Has been updated!
It won't look too different at first, but if you go to Paintings, each sub-category has new content. Yes, many of these were previewed here, but please note, print availability is now indicated!
The above image is of "In the Reading Room." Available soon in print form, and my fabulous printer (North 7 Studios) did some beautiful re-touching for me. Though I can no longer recall WHY, I had at one point edited out the left-hand piece. Edited with an x-acto,* that is. And then altered all the colors on the right-hand section. Well, through the miracle of Photoshop, the prints are going to look great. And whole.

*keep those knives away from me! I am not to be trusted!

Time for some Minatures

Miniature cats! The first group are mainly one-inch squares. And I went through an astounding amount of tape when doing these. Still, a good use of scrap watercolor canvas. I have a few scraps left, but I certainly have to be in the right mood to work this small. All pieces in this post were executed in watercolor & gouache on watercolor canvas.
This guy (?) is just SO happy. And wants to hug you.

Still working on a title for this group. For now, here are "The Comrades."

Once my Etsy store is up, I may post these guys there.