Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She's blanked herself! Alumni Show Re-cap

Yay, me. With all good intentions of putting up a new profile image, I find myself with none. Blogger and I just can't get along today!

Well, I'm back from a second trip to June Fitzpatrick's gallery in Portland, ME. This time I brought along my laptop, but did I think to post while I was there? Ummm... no.... But I did distract myself mightily with my new cellphone. Those will come once I figure out the phone!
Showing with me were: Renee Bouchard, Will Broadbent, Doug Dulac, Constance Oliver, and Jack Sabon. Forgetting about the camera on the phone, of course I forgot to take a picture of Renee & Constance when we were wrapping up the show Saturday.

June Fitzpatrick's High Street gallery was MUCH warmer this time around (thank you, June!) but it was still a very quiet few days. One couple who did come in happened to be regular customers from Artists' Mediums, of all places! Smart move on their part, as Maine was far warmer than VT that weekend.

Despite being within sight of the Portland Museum of Art, I missed the Friday night free admission once again! Feeling a bit road-weary after the drive and sitting in the gallery all day, I opted to check in at the Inn first and then go back downtown for dinner & art. Sad to say, there was a hockey game happening, so ALL parking had evaporated. After driving around and around and around (partly trying to find parking, but then trying to find my way back!) I opted for dinner from the grocery store, ate back in my room at the Inn, and wrapped up the evening on the phone with Dani.

Saturday and Sunday the fare was MUCH better: if ever you visit Portland, have dinner at Katahdin on High & Spring, and then have brunch (7 days a week! oh my waistline & wallet!) at Bintliff's on Portland street. I wanted to bring the waiters home with me, and oh yes, the food was amazing. Thanks to Mike & Heather for treating me Sunday, and for getting me to the MECA ICA Show "Twilight."


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pen & Ink for winter

The last two months, I've barely touched the acrylics. But I have been wearing out my crow-quill pen, I'm down to the last few drops of Higgins Black Magic, and my watercolors are finally getting used up.
Yes, there's a bit of a reading theme now. Perhaps I could do a story after all, despite my protests to the contrary.