Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stormtrooper seeking...

Hmmm. In order to keep the newest version of Firefox from overwhelming the poor miketop, I've been using Safari. This is the first time I'm using Blogger on Safari to do a post, so where the heck has my hyperlink option gone? They expect me to remember how to do html? They are insane!
So, I found this thing that you need to see (if you're a nerd like me and my friends,) and even though it's not delicately hyperlinked, I think you'll forgive me.


(courtesy of

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Hoppin'

Alright, Burlington! I have finally partaken of the massive event that is the Art Hop. And it was good, largely thanks to the wonderful spot provided by Studio D-3 (Marie Davis, Ginny O'Reilly and Carol Norton.)
The mini heat-wave on Friday had everyone out and about, including the UVM students, for whom this was their first full weekend. I saw quite a few folks with skateboards in hand, and were I so athletic, that's totally the way I would transport myself about for such an event. There were so many venues that I wanted to see, and so little time to run out and see them.
The Mister was kind enough to relieve me for a bit Saturday afternoon, so I could do just that. I also made him bring me food, since I'd survived on one donut and lots of water since 10am. (Not that I couldn't have foraged for myself, but I didn't want to miss anything.) Fortunately I ran into Miriam on the way out, so we went up the street to see her great paintings at the Soda Plant (at Alderson Inc./Jordan Silverman Photography.) We also saw Adam Marsano's wood structures at Recycle North's Building materials site, and stuck our heads in at a few other venues on the way back to my spot. We got there in time to start winding down, which, thanks to Mom & The Mister, went smoothly.

I know I always say this, but Thank You, and I really mean it, for coming out to see me art Art Hop!

Next up, odd things (and good things) overheard at Art Hop.

All in all, a wonderful lead-up to my Birthday!