Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some creatures on bikes

Let's just be clear, here:  I have lived with Arkonbey for a long time, and there are always bicycles in the house.  And yet, I remain completely unaware of how the things are actually constructed.  Far be it from me to actually go and look at one.  I mean, there are only a paltry few to choose from.  Regardless, here are a few creatures, on my interpretations of those two-wheeled devices.
Cat on a bike 1 ©SweetEnemyArt
Cat on a bike 2  ©SweetEnemyArt

Lemur on a bike  ©SweetEnemyArt

Thing on a bike (For Arkonbey) ©SweetEnemyArt
Thing on a bike was the progenitor of this series, by the way.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art Community

Wow.  I am grateful for many people today, and since I've been terrible about keeping a journal of such things on paper, why not list a few here now.

1.)  Christy Mitchell, Creative Facilitator at the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery.  She's created this wonderful microcosm of artists and happenings right in the middle of the Burlington Arts district, and I always have a great time whenever we go.  She's a great dancer and has a wonderfully odd attraction to retro accessorizing.
I hope she doesn't kill me when she sees this.
2.)  Lorraine Reynolds, Mixed Media Collage & Assemblage artist.  Lorraine just shocked the pants off me by putting a little blurb about me on her blog, which is really sweet, especially seeing how I was going off last night about how she's doing a workshop at A.M. in the Spring, to at least three of her mutual friends, and we're all really excited...oh, I guess we hadn't confirmed that yet ...blush...

Captain by Lorraine Reynolds
3.)  Sidney Eley, Photographer and Mixed Media artist who invited me to take part in a group of working artists that bounce ideas off of each other.  I met Sidney at the VSC Vermont Art Week this April.  Through Sidney, I've been able to make better connections with some great local artists.  And it's good to have homework.  I'd put in a link to Sidney's work, but couldn't find one.  Still, if you're on Pine Street in Burlington, check out a few of her pieces at the new SEABA headquarters.

4.) All my peeps at Artists' Mediums.  Ten years and they still put up with me.  They even buy new framing equipment for me!  Alright, for the store, not necessarily for me.  But you should see this awesome book they put together for me.  And you will, someday soon.

5.)  Our buyer's agent, who had the foresight to give us a beautiful oil lamp as a housewarming gift, and the local power company crew, who made sure we didn't have to rely on it for more than two nights in a row.

6.)  And oh!  This artist, Kirsty Mitchell, whom I just stumbled upon this morning.  A photographer in England, who's right up my alley.

7.)  More people than I can count...  you know who you are, right?