Tuesday, October 28, 2008


After laying awake in bed last night for at least an hour, I finally thought up a few feasible Halloween costumes. From my Stik-Fas flower fairy (with her hammer of love, so named by a friend's daughter) (nixed because I'd have to buy shoes) to a rendering of one of my Monster Dresses (Robe de Globe Oculaire, for instance) (nixed because it would take far more time than I actually have) and finally to that snake-headed wonder, the Medusa.

If I was, again, endowed with more time, I could rig up an art-history-nerd-worthy costume of the Raft of the Medusa, but I'm not so I shan't.

Way back in my early days I watched "Clash of the Titans" on the TV at Grandmom's. That meant it was in full color, and it was loud. And I had horrible visions thereafter of the Medusa's head silhouetted against my bedroom window. This costume wins in two respects: I have plenty of old sheets to make a toga from, and I have a lot of paper-mache and plaster bandage.

The plaster bandage is currently curing on my head. It's cold, it's wet, and it's too late to have realized I'm wearing a shirt I didn't necessarily want to get plastery.

But Excelsior! There shall be a costume made!

now if I could just find the camera...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

old gem of a link

Ooooh! I'm taking advantage of Arkonbey being asleep (recovering from 24 Hours of Comics day)and going through my old links list on his computer.

Check this out. Quite pretty, and in keeping with my most recent post, too!

The 24HCD event at the store went well. Around 2pm they forced me to go home, rightly so, and it's a gorgeous day so I'm happy to be here. In a few hours, perhaps I'll go to sleep. The t-shirts with the poster were printed by moi, in a crazy first attempt at 2-color silkscreening. What the hey was I thinking? Well, it kept me focused through the wee hours of the morning...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More birds

By request, I've been working on a few new pieces in the same vein as a previous "Circus bird" drawing. These aren't all that different from the original in terms of pose, so I'm going to take a break tonight and work on something else in order to come back to this with fresher eyes. It's been nice to work in pen & ink again, scritchy and unreliable as it is.