Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"May truth be spoken between you and me, and may all we do seek justice."

--Mimnermos, 6th century, BCE
From Dances for Flute and Thunder, poems from the Ancient Greek, translated by Brooks Haxton

I found this written in a sketchbook I had taken along while house-sitting way back when. It's a pretty good sentiment for our time.

Meanwhile, I've started a few more tiny paintings, and work on "Frog In the Forest" and "Housemates (Darius & Filbert)" continues slowly.
Also picked up the canvas reproductions of "Hatching Ground I" and "Creature & Healer" when we went through Brandon this weekend. They look fabulous but I haven't figured out a pricing structure yet. And Art Hop is right around the corner, so just a wee bit of pressure to get everything wrapped up.
The aquarium in Boston was fabulous (though crowded) and I got some great pictures courtesy of Spike. Thanks Spike!
Next post will be about how I made $20 on the train back. Innuendo!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wet grass warm fruit

So our strawberries started off with a bang but kind of fizzled a few days ago. Next time around, now that I've done some reading, I'll be putting straw under them when they're flowering, because it was just sad how they got bogged down and slugified without such protection. Who knew? They're called strawberries for a real reason.

The raspberries and wild blackberries, however, are doing fine and dandy. Rick met me out front on my return home last night with a jar full of still-warm berries. Now the agonizing decision is whether we freeze them or can them. Or just keep eating them. Because it sure would be nice to enjoy them later this winter, and I had hinted that I was going to try to give jam for gifts...

Tonight I'm playing hooky from real studio work. I stayed late at work so had to recuperate by putting my tired tired feets up, and dosing myself with lots of chocolate and raspberries. And Pratchett. But tomorow is an art "business day" so it all balances.

I'll be in the car for awhile, but I'm looking forward to it because I'm on the last disc of Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley" and then it's on to Maya Angelou's "A Song Flung up to Heaven," which I haven't heard before. Anytime I get to hear her voice, I certainly love it. What a woman! What a life!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maybe something a bit happier

How about something a bit more cheerful this week?
We've been visited by a crazy selection of birds lately: hawks, new chickadees, goldfinch pairs, something that goes "brap" at me and might be a nuthatch, and today two broods of turkeys with their moms. And I'm still hearing the hermit thrush on quiet evenings. A most fantastic sound that I am in love with.

Tonight however, the music in the studio is drowning out most of that. I'm creeping closer to the finish line on "Frog in the Forest" after staring at it perplexed for way too long.
Another piece I've gotten myself into is Frog related again, but that's being done as a trade so I won't post it until it's in the recipient's hands. And it's going well enough I may get it professionally scanned.

Our 4th was excellent, by the way. We had AndreZero & Carol over, and there was much eating and drinking. As usual! I couldn't have asked for better weather--it's really been amazing up here.

Listening to while posting: Four Ton Mantis by Amon Tobin
(and thank you, auto-save function)