Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I love snow, but...can't it wait a little longer?

(Weather permitting...) I'll be at the Fresh Tracks Farm and Winery this Wednesday evening (Dec 10th) from 6 - 8pm, enjoying their Vermont wines ($4/glass from 1 - 8pm) and some great company (you!) as part of their featured artist series "A Toast to Creativity."  My little show is on display through the end of the month.

If I manage to get down there (i.e. if the roads are clear) I'll also have cards, prints and some other goods available during the reception.  

The Winery is located just on Route 12, just 5 minutes south of Montpelier, or 30 minutes from Stowe.  Directions / GPS coordinates are here:

Creature Classes are back!

Hard to believe, but it's time to let you know about the two classes I'm offering in 2015.
Every year at Artists' Mediums we get class requests in the cabin fever season, i.e. January, February and March.  This time we've packed every Saturday but Valentine's day with a class.  We hope you find them enticing!

My two classes are another offering of "Unlock Your Inner Creature" in January, followed by "Breathing Life Into Your Creature" in February.  Details for both below.  Pre-registration is required so please contact the shop by calling (800) 255-1290 or (802) 879-1236.

Instructor: Kristin Richland
Class date: Saturday, January 24th 2015, Class time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Skill level/age: Beginner, age 16+ 
(Sign up deadline: Saturday, January 17th)
Class fee: $45 per student,
Materials are provided, but feel free to bring a favorite pen or paintbrush.
This is a class aimed at those of you who wish to create whimsical, inventive creatures WITHOUT the pressure of making something realistic. No prior drawing experience is necessary. We will experiment with materials and ways of seeing. The goal is to loosen up, have fun, and go home with some new creature friends and the skills and knowledge to make more! Materials are provided, but feel free to bring a favorite pen or paintbrush. Come ready to get your hands dirty and you may want to wear “studio” clothes or an apron.  Artists' Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive, Williston, VT 05495

A sketchbook creature who appeared during my Holiday shows!

“Breathing Life Into Your Creature” Drawing Class

Instructor: Kristin Richland

Class date: Saturday, February 28th  Class time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Skill level/age: Beginner, age 16+
(Sign up deadline: Saturday, February 21st)
Class fee: $45/person, most materials included but you’re encouraged to bring your own favorite colored pencils, markers, and/or watercolors to use in addition.  If you took the "Unlock" class and/or have creature ideas you'd like to further develop, bring your sketches!
Based on feedback from my first “Unlock” class, this session will focus on how to imbue your creatures with personality and unique characteristics.
Using body language and facial expressions we’ll give our creations the spark they need to leap off the page. In addition, we’ll be trying out a variety of fur, feathers, fins and other visual textures to bring them to life. Come ready to get your hands dirty, “studio” clothes or an apron encouraged.  Artists' Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive, Williston, VT 05495

Parking for classes will be around the corner of our building.
Refund Policy :
Please sign up early for classes. This gives us time to order the correct amount of supplies and prevents us from canceling the class if there doesn’t seem to be any interest. Full refunds will not be given for student cancellations. If you need to cancel, 50% will be returned in the form of store credit and 50% will go to the teacher. If Artists’ Mediums needs to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Get ahold of some Sweet Enemy Art for the Holidays: A how-to guide.

Hey!  I'm doing two shows this month, and the first one is this Friday and Saturday.  These are high-quality shows, the first one is small & intimate in a semi-rural historical building, the second is more sizable and high-energy in downtown Burlington.  Both are filled to the seams with art & hand made goods, and they give you the chance to do good with your dollars.  Shop local (the best gifts are found that way!)

Holiday Gift Sale at the Community Center, Jericho VT
Friday November 14th 5 - 8 pm 
Saturday November 15th 10 - 5 pm

Visit our reception for some early-bird shopping, live music and local refreshments, or stop in on Saturday to take advantage of the Library's soup sale while you shop.  The artisans here are mainly from Jericho and Underhill, I have some very creative neighbors!  Come see what we have to offer.  Previews also at our Facebook Page:

Women's Festival of Crafts
Memorial Auditorium, Burlington VT
Saturday November 29th 10 - 6 pm
Sunday November 30th 10 - 5 pm 

This is the 25th annual festival, and my very first time vending here.  Last year I was bowled over by how many amazing vendors they fit under one roof.  There's going to be some great shopping, so come prepared.
My new advent calendar design will be debuting at this show!  Here's a sneak peek so far:
Advent Calendar design, 14"x11" pencil on paper, ©2014 Sweet Enemy Art

AND THEN!  I'll also be the featured artist at Fresh Tracks Farm and Winery for the month of December.  Opening reception/wine event at 6 pm Wednesday December 10th!  More details on that soon.

See you at the shows!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Inktober and a SALE!

From left to right:  October 5th, 4th, and 6th.  I liked this arrangement, so it's available as a print.
I can hardly believe it:  I finished Inktober 2014 and only had to do two catchup days.  I did my best to work on other projects at the same time, but ultimately the small scale of these drawings (4"x6") made them very entrancing.  And portable, too!

So now that I have 31 drawings, all the same size, all the same theme: HAUNTED CLOTHING, I'm hoping to do something with them.  A book is one possibility, and since they're the perfect size, I'm also looking into printing sets of high-quality-artsy-deluxe postcards.  These should arrive in time for holiday shows, which are coming up very quickly!

For the moment, I'm uploading a small selection onto my print site and having fun making them available as T-shirts and mugs in addition to the usual print on paper.  And here's a good reason to check them out right now:  Society6 is having an Artist promotion sale through November 9th, so to get $5 off any of my printed art there AND free shipping, just follow this link:

Sale ends November 9th, 2014 at midnight Pacific time!

And the same group is printed on a mug!
(I like these mugs)
I let the images flow one into the other here

This mug needs some tea...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ink it up

Two more days until 24 Hour Comics begins.  Before that, there's a "Buckaroo Banzai" 30th anniversary showing to attend, followed by a night of murderous mayhem (artistically speaking) at the annual Art of Horror opening.

And because my plate was simply not full enough, I am trying to squeak in the Inktober challenge to boot!  Read about the challenge here on his site, and browse through his artwork.  Wow, he can handle the ink.

Last year, for my first attempt at the challenge, I went with photos of people I found online (a mix of friends & celebrities.)  I didn't quite complete the challenge, sort of fizzled at about 14 or 15 (and only posted up to #12.)
This year my goal is to draw a different "Mode de Monstre" piece each day.  Size will be 4" x 6" and they'll remain black & white for now.

So without further ado, I present my Inktober #1 for 2014:

#Inktober day 1, Ink on paper, 4" x 6" ©2014 Kristin Richland

Just about destroyed that old 005 Micron with this drawing! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coffee cat & classes

Hmmm...staying up late may have me looking like my art a little too soon.
Just wanted to let you know that "Good Morning" is now live on my Society6 page as a fine quality print!

Also, we've extended the deadline for this Saturday's class (September 27th, 2-4 pm.)  If you're interested in giving a little more texture and vitality to your creature drawings, here's the link!  Just $40/person, most supplies included.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Art Hop 2014!

Moon Trail, acrylic on canvas, 28"x22" ©Kristin Richland
(title-in-progress for the latest Ghost Bunnies series, seen here during a 4AM painting session)

It starts today!

Art Hop begins officially at 5 p.m. today.  All the hours upon hours of prepping and crazy sleep-deprived nights culminate in three days of AWESOME fun with art packed into every square inch of Burlington's South End Arts District.  

Find me and Polanshek of the Hills in our spot at The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, 266 Pine Street, suite 105 (look for the big orange exterior wall with a Spaceman mural, we'll be just inside the yellow doors.)

This is my third year in this spot, and every time it looks better and better.  Hope you can come and see it!

Our hours:
Today (Friday Sept 5th) 5 PM - 11 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

Our art is available for purchase throughout the month, please let me know if you'd like to make an appointment!
drop me a line at sweet_enemy AT obscurius DOT org or comment below. 

Happy Hopping!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two classes coming up!

Dates are confirmed!
I'm offering the intro-style "Unlock Your Inner Creature" class for a second time (see this post for details on what to expect) on Saturday September 13th, and will follow that with a second class on Saturday September 27th:  "Breathing Life Into Your Creature."
In the "Breathing Life Into Your Creature" class, we'll be working with body language and facial expressions, as well as creating texture and pattern with fur, feathers, scales and maybe even plaids.  
Sketchbook pages, Lion study.  Pencil, watercolor, acrylic.  9"x9" each
(c) Kristin Richland 2014

Both classes will be held from 2-4 p.m. on their respective dates, at Artists' Mediums in Williston, VT. $40/person per class.  
Materials are included for the first class.  For the second class, "Breathing Life Into Your Creature," students are asked to bring their own favorite colors in markers, pens, pencils and/or watercolors to use in addition to what I provide.  

Since I've just confirmed the dates, we don't have this info on the store website yet, please contact me if you have questions!  More details will come soon.

"Lupus Trifectus" watercolor and ink on paper, 6"x4" (c) Kristin Richland 2014
(it was only after posting this for all to see that I realized the Latin for rabbit isn't lupus!)

Artists' Mediums refund policy:  Class fees can be refunded up to 85% if we are notified at least two weeks before the start of the class. A full refund will be given if Artists’ Mediums Inc. needs to cancel for any reason.
Please sign up early for classes. This gives us time to order the correct amount of supplies and prevents us from canceling the class if there doesn't seem to be any interest.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello Maryland

The professionally done photos of these pieces are still too enormous to whittle down to web-friendly sizes, so I took these photos on my desk.  They are two attempts at illustrating a Blue Crab, the official state crab of Maryland, for the parents of my friend Rayanne.  These have been sitting dormant in my studio for an embarrassingly long time, but here at last, I am posting them!  Open to comments, feedback, etc.    

Blue Crab #1, Pen & ink with watercolor, 12"x16", ©2014 Kristin Richland

Blue Crab #2, Pen & ink with watercolor, 14" x 10", ©2014 Kristin Richland

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why bother? Why not.

I am one of those artists who struggles to put her energies in the right places.  There are always so many new and wonderful projects to start, that I get choice-lock.  So many fun and enlightening things to read, so many friends to check in with, good food to try and make to keep this body going...
and suddenly it's time to go to bed.

And then I find myself only using my studio for a computer room.  Or a catch-all.  And that's just bloody depressing.  Especially when I'm looking at (and let's be honest, feeling green with envy because of) skilled artists who are making a good show of it online.

It's good to remember that I can't do it all.  (Thank you Alyson Stanfield!)

It's good to remember that there will always be artists whose careers I aspire to, and that maybe I'm one of those to someone else.  We all struggle sometimes.

It's good to remember that no matter how horrid humans are to each other, or how horrid you might feel, there are always humans putting in a stake for good.  And that my art is one of those stakes, because apparently it (often*) makes other people feel good too, not just me.

                       *sometimes it freaks them the heck out.  But that's good, because it's important to                                     widen one's experiences.

And now that I've done what needs doing today, I'm going to get off this computer and use the next four hours for actually making art.
The view from over my laptop screen:  Two easels, each with two paintings in progress.  Time to get cracking!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cards, eggs, and washing chickens

After watching the chickens roaming around this afternoon, I realized some of them needed a feather-cleansing...in the posterior regions.  So I donned the rubber gloves, got out a basin and proceeded to give several VERY ANNOYED ladies a splashy bath time.  I won't say it was a great success, but it was an improvement.

After that nonsense, I got back to the main goal of the day:  photographing my greeting cards and posting more illustrated eggs for my Etsy shop.  Click on the photos to be taken to the actual listings.

I love the bird feet here.  Bird King (Detail)  Illustrated Egg, ©2014 Kristin Richland
She could be a spooky ancestor!Vampire Lady & Cyclopean Fruit (front)  Illustrated Egg, ©2014 Kristin Richland

Here's what awaits you on the back of that same egg...Vampire Lady & Cyclopean Fruit (back)  Illustrated Egg, ©2014 Kristin Richland
Five card designs uploaded today!  Headed to A Party, 5x7 greeting card©2014 Kristin Richland

Also, I've been busy making notes for my "Unlock Your Inner Creature" drawing class next month. Seven out of eight spots have been filled which is very gratifying.  I'm having fun looking through my stack of sketchbooks (and adding to my latest one) all the while paying attention to just HOW I come up with creatures.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Up-Coming Creature Class Announced

 Unlock Your Inner Creature

with Kristin Richland of Sweet Enemy Art

Saturday July 12th, 2014

2:30 - 4:30
Artists' Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive, Williston VT 05495
Cost:  $40/person 
Call now to register!
(802) 879-1236

Owl Slippers, sketchbook drawing
copyright 2014 Kristin Richland

Ballpoint pen people,  sketchbook drawing
copyright 2014 Kristin Richland
This is a class aimed at those of you who wish to create whimsical, inventive creatures WITHOUT the pressure of making something realistic.  No prior drawing experience is necessary.  

We will experiment with materials and ways of seeing. The goal is to loosen up, have fun, and go home with some new creature friends and the skills and knowledge to make more!

Materials are provided, but feel free to bring a favorite pen or paintbrush.  Come ready to get your hands dirty and you may want to wear "studio" clothes or an apron.  

Pre-registration required by July 8th, 2014.  Please call Artists' Mediums at (802) 879-1236 or (800) 255-1290 to register.  

All levels welcome.  Ages 16 and up.

Refund Policy :
Dancing Bears, sketchbook drawing
copyright 2014 Kristin Richland
Class fees can be refunded up to 85% if we are notified at least two weeks before the start of the class. A full refund will be given if Artists’ Mediums Inc. needs to cancel for any reason.
Please sign up early for classes. This gives us time to order the correct amount of supplies and prevents us from canceling the class if there doesn't seem to be any interest.

Barnyard Blobs,  sketchbook drawing
copyright 2014 Kristin Richland

Monday, May 19, 2014

Endorsements of awesome

I just opened up my Facebook feed this morning and there was a sweet surprise waiting for me:  I made it onto the Blue Roof Designs blog in "Elissa's picks for Vermont Open Studio Weekend!"

Who is Elissa Campbell?  Book-maker extraordinaire, she's a meticulous crafter with a great sense of style and even better, a wicked good sense of humor.  She makes books that you as the owner transform into complete works of art.  Here's what she has to say about me:

"Next I’d visit Kristin Richland of Sweet Enemy Art, #170. I really can’t describe Kristin’s work better than she does – “I do enjoy the spookier side of the art world as much as I do the cuter side, so consider yourself warned.” Her paintings of creatures and critters are the work of an active imagination, the one you wish you never lost when you grew up. I love love love her monsters. I want to hug them. And run screaming from them. It’s the best of both worlds."

So of course, please go visit Elissa!  She is studio number #215 in the 2014 GREEN Studio Tour Guide.  This link will help you find her:  http://blueroofdesigns.com/event/osw-spring2014/

Also check out her blog where she chronicles her annual Book-Improv interactive projects (here's a sample), her Worktable Wednesdays, upcoming teaching gigs and more.  So much more.  Go and explore!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Open Studio -- save the date, art awaits

May 24th & 25th, 2014:  The 22nd annual Vermont Open Studio weekend event.  
I just snapped this studio selfie (all dressed up for work...this is not how I usually look in the studio!)
 and sent out a little save the date email about it, before scooting off to work.

Read it here!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shop Sweet Enemy Art

Do you suffer from bare walls?  Boring shirts?
Or you need to find an awesome gift?
I can help.

Local events:  I do shows mainly in Northern Vermont, but have also sold in Portland, Maine and am looking to expand even further.  Sign up for my newsletter to find out where I'm headed next.  The form is located in the sidebar of this site.

A table full of small originals and cards greets visitors to my booth.  

Originals: I maintain my Etsy shop with artwork that tends to be small, often unusual, and easy to ship.  Ask for a custom listing if you don't see what you're looking for!

Etsy Shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetEnemyArtsVT

How about a print!  Well, not JUST prints, this site also puts my art on a wide variety of housewares, accessories and clothing.  I love the pillows, totes and clocks especially...

Society6 shop:  http://www.society6.com/KristinRichland

Monday, March 24, 2014

Egg Scratching

At long last, my chickens and I are collaborating.  They lay the egg, a job I DO NOT envy, and I empty it, cook & eat the contents and then (after a proper wash) start painting on the shell.

Here are a few eggs I've just posted to the Sweet Enemy Art Facebook page (go give it a like!)

Not too long ago I had a studio visit from local artist Mary Hill, who came and interviewed me while I demonstrated this technique.  They were supposed to edit today, but I'm not sure when it will air on our local cable access channel.  Here's to hoping I don't come across as a complete dork.

This is what my work area looks like when I do these:

But it wasn't this messy when we filmed!  Had to use a completely different table.  All good.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowy weekend accomplishments

Started my Sunday with a 7 a.m. snowshoe through the woods with Arkonbey.  Our halfway point was a semi-secret lookout overlooking our little river valley.  No camera, we just soaked everything in as the sun rose up through layers of cloud.

Before chills set in, we proceeded back over the ridges and down to the "town" for some fresh donuts.  On a day like this, I tend to think we live in paradise.

KW was due to come over for a long-awaited art day (it's been months!) So in preparation, I cleaned up my second table for her, re-arranged some art, and happily didn't have to take too long to get it looking nice in here.  Even had time to throw together a soup before she arrived (that morning snowshoe made me productive, by heck!)  Spent most of the day chatting on a WIDE variety of topics, which is a very pleasant way to accompany the filling in of colors and stippling of tiny dots.  Not to mention the eating of soup & donuts & drinking copious amounts of tea.

So it's back to the day job tomorrow morning, but I have a nice pile of projects behind me as I go.

Here's one of them.  Bear Chariot was originally posted on Etsy in his original black & white, but today I decided he needed some color.  Here's his new look!  Another bear I know is very pleased with the "cinnamon" color I went with.

Click on image to hop over to his Etsy page!

And before I totter off to bed, here's a detail from an upcoming Transportation project piece:

Gator on a zamboni/tank:
The rest of him will be visible sooooon...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Blues & Pinks

Hello there!  This has been one heck of a start to the year, with one storm right after the other.  I have had to postpone getting together multiple times with my Mum to celebrate Christmas (CHRISTMAS!) and it's FEBRUARY.  Sorry, Mum.  Our schedules & the weather will cooperate sometime soon.

I have at least found time to make art for the exhibit at S.P.A.C.E.  This is "Atrophy,"  colored pencil on black gessoed paper.  It was quite a challenge working on black, there are things I'll try to remember for my next attempt, but overall I am pleased.

"HeART Attack!" is this February's exhibit theme.  Dropping off work today I saw soft-sculpted yet absolutely mouth-watering chocolate cakes, crazy textured paper pieces, and would have stayed longer to peer into more packages, but the snow (surprise!) was coming down hard and I wanted to get back.  It's going to be a great show, once again, and the weather looks like it might be fair.

Here's a peek at the Bear cards I just made for Valentine's day, or any occasion, really.  They're available at S.P.A.C.E. and Artists' Mediums too (while supplies last.)  Carving the block was a nice stress release...
Getting ready to print

Finished cards!  Hot off the (hand) press!