Wednesday, June 12, 2013

They drifted... New painting-in-progress

They Drifted Across the Night Sky... (title/painting in progress)
©Sweet Enemy Art 2013
Rather happy with how this one is shaping up so far, as it's looking pretty much the way it did in my head.  And that's rare!
16"x 20" using the slow-drying Open Acrylics by Golden artist colors.  On Monday I showed it to my critique group and am now working on the edits suggested.  I have at least one other composition in mind, a companion piece that will be much wider.  That's going to require a lot of sketching beforehand though, as there will be many more rabbits drifting across the sky.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, little town 'o mine

Barred Owl Banner
©Sweet Enemy Art 2013 
Our little town celebrated it's 250th Birthday last Saturday!  Here are some of the banners I helped create as decoration up and down three of the main roads.  Over 80 banners were completed overall, with work contributed by several local artists and other volunteers.  All of it was spearheaded by artist Mary Hill, who provided guidance, materials and the use of her wonderful studio space.  I actually worked on at least 5 other banners (or 5 sides, anyways) but don't have photos of those yet.

These are all 24"x36", and it was a good exercise to work this fast (deadline!!!!) and loose.  Thank goodness we worked this big, because once they're up twelve feet off the ground they don't look so big...
I also really enjoyed working on the black canvas (it looks blue in some of these because it was evening when I snapped the pics.)  

Not sure yet if there are plans to auction these off afterwards, or to display them elsewhere.  Still, the whole thing was a fun diversion, and I may have to make some for our house.
Fox Banner ©Sweet Enemy Art 2013

Fox Banner detail ©Sweet Enemy Art 2013

Hi There Banner ©Sweet Enemy Art 2013

Bear and Honey Banner ©Sweet Enemy Art 2013
Hiker Banner ©Sweet Enemy Art 2013

Wood Thrush Banner ©Sweet Enemy Art 2013