Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crows & Ravens - Inktober 2016

I'm drawing ravens and crows through the whole month of October, as part of the official INKTOBER challenge. Follow me over at Instagram where I'm posting at least every-other-day. (Today, for instance, I did two drawings back-to-back to catch up. Wow, my hands are getting tired!)

Each drawing is drawn on very sturdy 5x7" bristol paper, using either Sakura pigma micron, Pentel pocket brush pen, and/or actual an brush or nib with india ink. And occasionally white ink for accents.

During the month, I've been slowly learning more about ravens by reading some of the books written by Bernd Heinrich, a UVM professor emeritus in biology. I've also found great slow-motion videos showing crows landing and taking off, crows eating, and all sorts of other interesting slices-of-life.

Inktober #1. I had a crazy busy schedule on the 1st of October, so this was drawn on the 2nd.

You can also find all the drawings posted on my Sweet Enemy Art facebook page