Monday, March 19, 2012

Revisiting the Ghosts

Here's a piece I've been plucking away at these last few months.  It's a new take on a piece I did back in '98/99 while still at school.  The original is much bigger and resides in my friend's old room at his parent's house.

The video is just a quick peek, and you can barely see what I'm doing as it's dark-on-dark. Still, having fun finally figuring out these fancy dancy laptop features. That's CocoRosie playing in the background.

How I spent my Sunday

After a late night of music videos & sketch-booking, Arkonbey & I dragged ourselves from the comforts of bed, fed the B monster his rations and trundled down to Martone's in Essex Junction.

Will Workman met us there, and so with coffee, scones and sketchbooks we had a pleasant morning, especially as it was a chance finally to really visit.  Lots of good ideas bouncing around.
Three hours later, we gave up our table and headed our separate ways.
Home for a brief bit, so I got in an hour or so of painting before we headed out to Cambridge to see more friends.  

Here's what I did before we settled down to one of Patti's fantastic feasts:

Dave's Ural with sidecar (super comfy seating)

And away we go!

Perfect way to enjoy the warm sun, delicious air and muddy roads at speed!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going to the DOGS

Old school nibs and super-dooper modern brush pen,
bringing you the Bernese and a variety of fluffy things.
Ahhh... I do love a new fine line pen.  Getting a little shaggy on the Maltese here.

And then I had to draw something other than dogs for a few minutes.
But of course the dogs snuck back in.
At least they're napping.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend recap, half-way through

Arkonbey & I went to two openings last night, one for Jordan Douglas @ Vintage Inspired down on Flynn ave, and then Adam DeVarney's send-off exhibit @ S.P.A.C.E. Gallery.  Met many of our usual art-world peeps at both locations, and had a good time mixing it up.  Some of these folks can dance like there's no tomorrow.

Today saw me breaking back into my paints.  It took many starts and stops, but in between painting, I tried to keep my activities art-related.  And so, I'm happy to say that I have a new place where my images are available for sale, at a size or type of your choosing.  It's raawther exciting.

Society 6
Many thanks to Adam D. for the tip.

   ....and more to come!