Sunday, June 29, 2008


This afternoon was quite unsettling: there was a there was an car + telephone pole accident at the bottom of our hill, and I heard the impact all the way up here, though I didn't realize quite what it was at first: I thought maybe it was coming from the firing range. It was terrifying when i realized it was coming from much closer: a horrid flattening thump, followed by squealing wheels. And of course I knew the Mister was on his way back at about the same time, being driven by our friend after a day of digging post-holes. Thankfully, they had gone to run one last errand before coming back here, so they were nowhere near the accident. The car had impacted so hard that the pole was cracked almost in two. Word is that the driver was the only one in the car, and that he made it to the hospital.
Mister got home fine, but by way of being dropped off and taking the shortcut trail, as our road was blocked off for the rest of the afternoon. Our friend had to go all the way to Cambridge before he could make his own way back home.

So please, drive without distraction.


Yet another image-free post!
Pro: quicker load time!
Con: you have to read. A lot.

But don't worry, there will be some images soon. The Mister was taking pictures throughout the opening last night, but with his two film cameras: the 35mm and the medium format. Now that we have our fancy-pants scanner, we can scan the 35mm negatives once we get them developed.

We made it down to Bennington in really good time, especially considering we made a stop in Brandon to talk with Studio 7 North to talk with Dorothy & Edward Loedding about fine art printing. I'm really pleased to be working with these two: they are friendly, they do print-on-demand, and came highly recommended. Currently they have three of my smaller pieces, and I'll be going back down soon for the editing & proofing.

Once we arrived in Bennington, we were so early that Renee hadn't opened the doors yet. By the time we'd done a walk around the block to stretch our legs, the gallery was open (and the bathroom was available. Did I mention it's 3 hours one-way?)
Renee did a great job setting up the show: it's a fairly narrow one-room gallery in the old "Stark Hose" firehouse, with a beautiful red garage door for the front entry. Quite a few people showed up, I got to meet a few of the other artists, and my "Amsterdam Flyer" painting was purchased by a nice fellow named Al. The Mister and I got to talking quite a bit with sculptor Greg Singer and his girlfriend, both of whom have been to the Vermont Studio Center. That's how Renee got to know them, if I remember correctly. Afterwards, the four of us followed Renee to the excellent brewpub across the street and revived ourselves on their awesome soups and brews. I don't remember the name of the place, but if you find yourself there, try their raspberry wheat. Delicious.

Our trip back home was long and, well, long. Thankfully, The Mister drove us (both ways!) with no incident, despite the torrential rain and dense fog for the first two hours of our drive home. We were so glad to sleep in this morning!

Now it's back to work on the current batch of paintings: Art Hop registration finally opened, and I have to get things finished soon if I want them properly scanned. Also I'm working on a piece for BO of Eat More Kale as a possible trade.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh me oh my

It's very funny seeing a segment of one's artist statement in print. Sometimes funny in a "ha-ha, ohhhh.....dear..." manner. I shall vow to write up something more suited for the media next time.
Still, my "Robe de Globe Oculaire" image got into the print version of the Bennington Banner, along with this article about the show.
There are at least five other artists who are in this show: Gregory Singer, Candace Frye, Alfred Perry, Matthew Perry, and dug nap. Susan Ashley was originally listed on the VAX site listing, but I'm not sure if she's still in the show. Either way, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the opening this Saturday.

Now to find a place to stay the night (it's a loooong drive.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

well, a few more...

Rick's still working in the "dark room" with the lightbox, so here's a few more pieces. These are from the "Mode de Monstre" series, mostly. I'm framing them up tomorrow, to bring down to Bennington (Sunday, hopefully. I guess I should call the organzier...)

City Wear
Walnut ink, watercolor, colored pencil
4"x 6"Gothic Reader
Walnut ink, watercolor, colored pencil
4" x 6"
Amsterdam Flyer
Walnut ink, watercolor, colored pencil
4"x 6"
Okay, it's really time to go back to realspace now.

Paintings in progress

Here's a few pieces that have been in progress for awhile:
The Kitchen Table:
Colored pencil & acrylic on watercolor canvas; 11"x 11"
Frog in the Forest:
Acrylic on canvas; 16"x 24" (if I remember right)
A quick study of a different frog face for Frog in the Forest. I missed using pen & ink, though perhaps cold press w/c paper wasn't the best choice for my poor pen nib.
Walnut ink, colored pencil, india ink; 4"x 6"

I'm also itching to get some more underwater pieces started. The squid & submarine hasn't moved past the sketchbook, much to Rick's exasperation. Our trip to the Boston aquarium next month should get me moving on that one.
I also have to work on our anniversary cards. Continuing our 'poster' idea, this one will take off from a pulp science fiction magazine from the 40's. That'll be a new style altogether for me, and a tight deadline to boot.
Time to give Rick back his computer & get back into the studio.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Small Picture Show

Vermont Arts Exchange in Bennington will be having an opening June 28th, from 6-8 p.m. I will be showing in the Small Picture show.
This will be my first visit to Bennington in quite some time, hopefully the Mister and I can poke around town a bit beforehand. (Any suggestions for bookshops, etc. are always welcomed.)

The sign-ups for the Burlington Art Hop haven't opened up yet, but I'm champing at the bit!

Before I fill up every weekend between now and then, I'm still hoping I can make it down to the Boston Aquarium. If we have enough time, perhaps the Boston galleries & shops will be on the itinerary as well. So much to see...