Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Oh tis the season of over-eating. So very many sweets around the house, yet the supply is disappearing quicker than it should...

The new portfolio site is up, thanks to lots of hours put in by (a very patient) Rick! A few of the paintings are only represented by snapshots for the time being (better files are in the works) so you may see some odd colors, but the home-scanned work and the professionally shot images turned out well.

Click on the link to the right (to those poor souls on dial-up, fair warning: it will be image heavy)

There are still many get-togethers and family things occurring over the next few days, but I've managed to sneak in a bit of work on my "Mode de Monstre" series.

(Monster fashion, the alternate title being Living dresses.)

Those will be added to the site soon. Enjoy the rest for now.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Art sold at art sale

Despite the frigid temperature and impending storm, there was a great turnout yesterday for the Pine Street Holiday Open Studio Sale. I had previously written that it was "off the beaten path of Burlington shoppers," but how wrong I was! The number of studios in the vicinity drew a good number of people throughout the day.

The studio I was invited to is shared between three women: Marie Davis (polymer clay), Ginny O'Reilly (watercolor) and Carol Norton (oils and watercolor.) In addition to Ginny, Carol and myself, two other artists were there for the day: Ann Linde (cards and small plaster figures) and Melinda (twig/bark/wool creations) It's a wonderful space with great light and creative atmosphere.

I had a total of 28 pieces between the small matted paintings and the framed work on the wall. Several matted pieces sold, which was a great treat.

Many thanks to Ginny & Carol for inviting me in the first place, to Rick for helping tremendously, and thank you to everyone who came through and stopped to check out the work and have a chat.

(And a quick note about the portfolio link: Rick is working on a new style design for it, and I will soon have some new images up as well.)

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Last night Carol & Andre made it over for a late dinner, and with a spot of wine with apple crisp and the ice cream they brought for dessert, it was a nice mellow ending to a busy day. Carol finally got to meet Filbert as well. Rick missed the perfect photo opportunity of Carol sporting Filbert's head as her own.

Today we met Seth & Kai for coffee in Burlington on their whirlwind New England tour. After a long search for Radio Bean we finally found it. Rick had thought it was on Church Street, I was certain it was down the west end of Pearl Street, but we were both wrong. With the temperature dropping and dropping it was a relief to finally be directed there by a kind lady.
During our search, we had run into another friend of theirs from the ice (antarctic!) and we soon sat around drinking and chatting and had a good time catching up.

On the way home, we stopped in to Diane Shullenburger's gallery in Jericho for the first time. Saw a few folks I knew from the store of course, and some really nice paintings & photos.
Now we're hunkering in with the wood stove going, awaiting the snow storm that's on its way. Listening to World Tales by Jennings & Ponder. We'll see what the morning brings... wish I could telecommute like Rick will be doing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Latest Music

The studio sound system is getting a workout. This means two things: new music and I'm getting work done.

pirate ballads, sea songs and chanteys; that is what we have both been listening to this week! All sorts from Nick Cave to Baby Gramps participated in the making of it, and it's quite the fantastic mix, rough & crude and sweet & smooth. Of course it's mostly the coarser lyrics that tend to stick in my head.

I also now have Dolly Parton's Little Sparrow album (I first heard this when I borrowed it from the library. I borrowed it so often that Rick finally took the hint...) She has an amazing voice, and I do like her personality quite a bit, I mean, look at how long she's been in the business, and she still kicks ass! I tried singing in her range though, and that hurts without proper warm-up.
Here's a sweet little synopsis from a 2004 interview she did with CBS. The bit at the end about her "features" is precious.

Monday, October 29, 2007

buy some

Okay! So I've been invited to take part in a one-day art sale Dec. 15th down in Burlington. Sort of off the beaten path of Burlington shoppers, but if I get the word out enough perhaps there will be substantial traffic! Coincidentally, it's in the same warehouse my grandparents used to have the family appliance shop. 'Tis a small small world.

Consider yerselves invited, though time of sale is TBA.

In addition to underwater paintings, I'll have a weird little series of (tiny) monster-dress paintings, and some creatures too. Kind of an odd mix, but I aim to have some sort of common thread throughout.

My Seahorse piece finally got picked up this weekend, so that's another bit of dough for the art-fund. Including two tiny paintings at Open Studio in May, that makes four pieces sold this year. It's a nice, encouraging bump!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

new member of the family

and he's full-grown too!
Please say your hellos to Filbert Appleshrug.
Made by this fine seamstress, he's come to us as a wedding gift from my dear Cali-bound friend e. Rick got to see him first, as he arrived in e's car, but I met him later that night upon walking into our rather dark living room. Please note tE'he white fur and you can imagine the eerie glow. Apparently my reaction was something to be savored. And e just about got his ribs crushed in many thank you hugs.

He is taller than me, though his appendages have a hard time staying put when standing upright. He's really a couch boy (his hands are perfectly shaped for holding the remote...) Fully detachable head, arms and legs. Red chennile-type fur at each seperation point.
We love him.
And I think e will miss him.

Oh, by the way I paint

(You'll have to settle for snapshots)

Rabbit & Creature
Graphite, chalk & acrylic on illustration board.
9.5 x 15"
Started this one back in May. It has a few issues, but surprised me with some very nice moments.
(Consider this one done.)

Acrylic on canvas.
18 x 24"
Still in progress.
Oh how I love my projector!
This guy loves his sandwich, thanks to andrezero.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Harvest Market

So today we (after a few starts and stops) wandered down to the United Church of Underhill's annual Harvest market. It rocked. We spent hours there, and I'd go tomorrow if I wasn't teaching a class. But perhaps I'll get out in time...

The Clutter Barn was where I immediately got swept away from the Rick. Crowded like crazy but dang: the treasure! I got one of those terracotta cooking pots, assorted kitchen utensils that I couldn't live without, and a small spiky fish-lizard thing that was someone's 8th grade ceramics project. I could not resist him, he was only 10 cents! And he will look fabulous in the garden next year.

After that, I joined up with Rick who had found an interesting lamp and a set of headphones. From there we hit the cider & donut tent for a snack, tromped through the flea market, I had a taco, then we shared a small fried dough, listened to the Fife & Drum band, talked with one of the members, and saw the best kilt ever: it looked like this guy had taken carharrts and made a kilt out of them. Pockets!
Somewhere after that we made it back to the cider tent and bought a half gallon. This is the unpasturized, they-squeezed-it-twenty-minutes-ago right there stuff, and it is ABSOULUTE PERFECTION.
Then we listened to the first set of Bob Degree and the Bluegrass Storm Rick took pictures, and we got their cd too.
I think we headed back after that, but with one final stop in mind: GERT's PIES.
Let me just say: Michael Smith was right. Apricot pie.
Seeing as how I found rather heavy treasures early on, my arms were about to fall off at this point. We headed back home for pie & the hammock. I was so wiped that we didn't make it back down in time for the book barn, and then on the way to Jacob's to get Rick's soda, we realized we'd also missed a whole street's worth of other yardsales & booths! There was also the craft fair in the middle school. I certainly hope to get back in time on Sunday.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

art art art

Rather out of the blue today, I sold a painting. Zing! It was one I had put up at the store on a sort of "gee I should get this framed and see how it looks" whim. One of our regulars happened to see it on her way out with her husband, and about an hour or so later, they came back, brought it home to take a closer look, called back, and approved! Thank you!
Another bit to add to the art account. And a former art teacher had seen the same piece yesterday and gave me some great ideas for places to show locally, one in particular which I never would have thought of on my own. Thanks Ms. Rupe!

Excelsior and all that...

now back to work.

Ahh, a good shot of the cake: Rich chocolate layered with raspberry sauce from our own berries. Chocolate frosting, covered up the sides with crushed oreos. A bit clumsy in the edges, because I finished it about fifteen minutes before everyone arrived (read: 25 minutes before the ceremony itself.)
And check out the teeny toppers, from the Jackson's 1938 wedding cake. It's next stop: Alyson & Duffy's on Oct. 5th (cheesecake....)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The leaves are turning

1.) Oh the rude awakening of shorter days and dropping temps. Still, my first real vacation in years was a perfect balance of warm days and crisp nights.

2.) Two nights before our wedding, we sat on our deck watching meteors, one of the planets (forgot which one of course) the milky way, and even the space shuttle and it was amazing.

3.) The coyotes still have their nightly sing somewhere nearby.

4.) I'm hoping all our tomato plants will fruit before we get into frost weather.

5.) The neighbor's velvety pristine lawn makes ours look hilarious. Someday I will master this arcane art known as 'landscaping.'

6.) One reason our lawn looks the way it does is a very good reason indeed. During vacation I actually got lots of work done on my current paintings: Lizard man & All good dogs. Have nearly worn out my Rasputina & the Decemberists' Crane Wife cd's in doing so.

7.) Rick is designing a new portfolio site for me, seeing as how we never got the last one up and running. The color palette is quite nice.

8.) Vacations are both wonderful and dangerous in that one never wants to have to work for anyone else again at all ever thank you very much, though I suppose it helps pay for the wonderful home & studio. Lets just say it's actually been rather inspiring.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My ex-boyfriend

Finally official: August 12th, 2007

So, courtesy of Rick's dad Spike, here are a few shots of the wedding. Our Justice of the Peace is a wonderfully nice lady, who looks positively angelic in these images.
Not sure where Rick's attention was at this point...

And something caused this expression but he doesn't remember what...

But all's well that ends well. (save for the damned panty lines.)

Afterwards it was off to Tiny Thai for lunch, then back to the house for cake. Ann & Spike had to head back to Massachussetts after lunch so they missed out on cake, which was rich chocolate with raspberry and crushed oreo for garnish. Lorrie was sweet enough to lend her parent's china bride&groom cake topper from 1938. Mom was awesome and took me out the night before to find shoes that were tall enough to get my dress off the ground. Our garden was kind enough to still be blooming!

Next up, the friends converge on our house for some food, music & so forth. Lots of food...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Goodness it's been a long time. How dare I scoff at other's dusty blogs when I myself am so very very guilty? The main reason I've held off is that I never manage to get pictures of my work (the reason this is called sweet enemy ART) scanned and sized. Arkonbey says go ahead and just write stuff. But I am not one for writing so much as I am one for reading the work of others.
So while I'm waiting for paint to dry ( no, really) I'll offer up some of my favorite web readings:

Mimi Smartypants


Minor Tweaks
(amusing, and writes for, another good read)

Cerebral Smatterings
(Amazing artistic skills, found him through Illustration Friday)

Brass Goggles
(There are some people with amazing talent & focus out there)


Those last two are more aggregator sites of cool things, but certainly they will lead you to some interesting reading.

And finally, COMIX

Order of the Stick


There. At least I've updated. Now back to painting for a bit.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

the studio

Here's a few shots of the studio, there are ones which dictate the size better, but this will do.
The view as you enter: just after I cleaned up and just before I decided to take down that red rug thing.

My new favorite spot, in disturbing collaged format. Now that I've made this area welcoming, the easel is getting quite a bit of use. It's usually set up by the door now within easy access of the paints. And the level of crap getting stuck in my paint has, as a result of working vertically, decreased greatly. Oh how I love this place.


not a particularly artsy shot, but these poor things (at least five clusters or more!) have survived some nasty late-spring snowstorms, so I thought I'd document them at last.

This is something that was rather startling to find. (I'm thinking it's rhubarb) There are several of these, and they are fresh-blood red. I got to see some fresh blood just before discovering these, because Nabu, never known for eating what she catches, ATE WHAT SHE CAUGHT. I'm 50/50 between being grossed out, and being proud. She ate everything but the guts, something hard, and one teeny paw. That's my kitty. Being outdoors all day has apparently sharpened our instincts.

We discovered on our lawn a mysterious cache (really, a half-buried dumping) of seashells. Some are quite decent, but there are so many of them, I wonder if they ended up on the lawn because their previous owner just got overwhelmed. So I've put them to use as little markers for the plants that are starting to show up. The grass had grown up so long before we moved in that I didn't even know half this stuff was here. It's fabulous.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

um, picture this?

...still have not had a chance to get pictures uploaded. I do have about three paintings on-going right now, plus a few that I'd finished previously. You'll just have to take my word for it until perhaps this thursday. That's when I can get onto arkonbey's computer and do all my image sizing/loading. This sweet laptop just doesn't have the power for it, but she can do so much, I can't complain.
The 15th annual VT Open Studio Tour will take place Memorial Day weekend, so I want to have everything up and finished for that. And so it goes...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

So I wanted to be able to show off my space to friends who can't get here themselves, and in preperation of that, oh my goodness, I actually cleaned my studio. Now photo editing must be done. Getting a good comfy (probably used) chair for the 'reading corner' is next on the list, aside from actually getting some artwork done. Since this room is a hell of a lot more inviting now, that shouldn't be as hard as it first was.

Weather today: beautiful.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

foggy spring brain

We've gone from 3 feet of snow to bare patches of soggy ground in what seems an amazingly short time. Resisting the urge to just lie down and nap, we're trying to keep the house fairly clean and at the same time re-arrange and re-decorate.

Let it be said that right now I'm experiencing a bit of envy for Rick's studio, small though it is, because he has it well-planned out. Myself, I've just started using the other half of this wonderfully large room that is my studio, and actually started putting things up on all the walls. In other words, acting like I live here...
I have way too many things that I like doing, is the problem. But I think this room can handle all that. The table I'm typing on right now will most likely double as the sewing table once I get going on some fabric projects for the house.

But the best part of this room is that the size (and wonderful light!) will allow get-togethers with other artist friends. One of the main reasons we wanted to get a house in the first place.

List of things to do must not overwhelm me...