Saturday, May 21, 2011

The shop is reloaded!

I had one of those AAAGH! moments this afternoon when I realized that my lovely Etsy shop, the one I had just directed over 90 people on my mailing list to, had gone empty.
(gasp, ack, ack, wheeze.)

Well, it's looking much better now, and in fact I'm quite pleased with the selections.  Here are a few samplings:

 Arkonbey hadn't even seen "Cat helps with the Harvest" yet.  There are always so many little pieces of art around here, it's no wonder I'm slow to inventory everything!  Etsy is actually helping me bring everything into line.  Thank goodness, that means more art for you guys.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here's a little test card Arkonbey made for me tonight.  Deciding that the original cat-face cards were better, we're going to shelve this design for now, but hopefully use it for something different in the future.
(Phone blotted out, thus the little squiggles under my name.)

Arkobey found the sketch on a scrap of paper drifting about the house

One of the cats from my current business cards
In other news, I scanned in a bunch of new small paintings today, some of which are destined for the Etsy shop, and of course OPEN STUDIO WEEKEND is coming right up.  Ai!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday night Works in Progress

Color StudiesShort-Winged DragonflyTravelling CloakTravelling Cloak IIBaby's Hot Ride (detail)Baby's Hot Ride
Jane Mansfield is in the studio

Actually using my camera today. Fantastic having that little thing around, especially when I remember it's here.

A good day overall, with the garage clean-out underway; delicious food consumed, good summer read finished, and wine now in hand.

Hurrah for Saturday!

Via Flickr:
The last few in the set have been in progress for more than a few months, the watercolors are all recent.

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