Saturday, September 29, 2007

Harvest Market

So today we (after a few starts and stops) wandered down to the United Church of Underhill's annual Harvest market. It rocked. We spent hours there, and I'd go tomorrow if I wasn't teaching a class. But perhaps I'll get out in time...

The Clutter Barn was where I immediately got swept away from the Rick. Crowded like crazy but dang: the treasure! I got one of those terracotta cooking pots, assorted kitchen utensils that I couldn't live without, and a small spiky fish-lizard thing that was someone's 8th grade ceramics project. I could not resist him, he was only 10 cents! And he will look fabulous in the garden next year.

After that, I joined up with Rick who had found an interesting lamp and a set of headphones. From there we hit the cider & donut tent for a snack, tromped through the flea market, I had a taco, then we shared a small fried dough, listened to the Fife & Drum band, talked with one of the members, and saw the best kilt ever: it looked like this guy had taken carharrts and made a kilt out of them. Pockets!
Somewhere after that we made it back to the cider tent and bought a half gallon. This is the unpasturized, they-squeezed-it-twenty-minutes-ago right there stuff, and it is ABSOULUTE PERFECTION.
Then we listened to the first set of Bob Degree and the Bluegrass Storm Rick took pictures, and we got their cd too.
I think we headed back after that, but with one final stop in mind: GERT's PIES.
Let me just say: Michael Smith was right. Apricot pie.
Seeing as how I found rather heavy treasures early on, my arms were about to fall off at this point. We headed back home for pie & the hammock. I was so wiped that we didn't make it back down in time for the book barn, and then on the way to Jacob's to get Rick's soda, we realized we'd also missed a whole street's worth of other yardsales & booths! There was also the craft fair in the middle school. I certainly hope to get back in time on Sunday.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

art art art

Rather out of the blue today, I sold a painting. Zing! It was one I had put up at the store on a sort of "gee I should get this framed and see how it looks" whim. One of our regulars happened to see it on her way out with her husband, and about an hour or so later, they came back, brought it home to take a closer look, called back, and approved! Thank you!
Another bit to add to the art account. And a former art teacher had seen the same piece yesterday and gave me some great ideas for places to show locally, one in particular which I never would have thought of on my own. Thanks Ms. Rupe!

Excelsior and all that...

now back to work.

Ahh, a good shot of the cake: Rich chocolate layered with raspberry sauce from our own berries. Chocolate frosting, covered up the sides with crushed oreos. A bit clumsy in the edges, because I finished it about fifteen minutes before everyone arrived (read: 25 minutes before the ceremony itself.)
And check out the teeny toppers, from the Jackson's 1938 wedding cake. It's next stop: Alyson & Duffy's on Oct. 5th (cheesecake....)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The leaves are turning

1.) Oh the rude awakening of shorter days and dropping temps. Still, my first real vacation in years was a perfect balance of warm days and crisp nights.

2.) Two nights before our wedding, we sat on our deck watching meteors, one of the planets (forgot which one of course) the milky way, and even the space shuttle and it was amazing.

3.) The coyotes still have their nightly sing somewhere nearby.

4.) I'm hoping all our tomato plants will fruit before we get into frost weather.

5.) The neighbor's velvety pristine lawn makes ours look hilarious. Someday I will master this arcane art known as 'landscaping.'

6.) One reason our lawn looks the way it does is a very good reason indeed. During vacation I actually got lots of work done on my current paintings: Lizard man & All good dogs. Have nearly worn out my Rasputina & the Decemberists' Crane Wife cd's in doing so.

7.) Rick is designing a new portfolio site for me, seeing as how we never got the last one up and running. The color palette is quite nice.

8.) Vacations are both wonderful and dangerous in that one never wants to have to work for anyone else again at all ever thank you very much, though I suppose it helps pay for the wonderful home & studio. Lets just say it's actually been rather inspiring.