Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off to the Studio Center!

Feather Study, originally uploaded by Sweet Enemy Art.
Vermont Art Week starts today!
I'm taking a short break before I load up the car with tons and tons of stuff and head to the VSC. It's gorgeous weather outside, though chilly.
The laptop will stay behind with Arkonbey but I'll bring my camera, so next week there will be a post (or two) of images documenting my time away away away!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Wow Oh Art

Using the "trick yourself by treating yourself" idea, I started the day with a quick blog-roll checkup, a local errand, and an early lunch at the local cafe while working on my artists statement for two bodies of work, and then I hit the library and found:

Almost as head-spinning as a quick trip to the Met or the National Gallery, I spent at least an hour  pouring through Phaidon's "The American Art Book" which is a hefty tome and a worthy one too.

What a delicious selection of works, all arranged alphabetically by artist; almost everything from the early early days to the present is at least touched upon.  Here are two favorites out of many:

Joseph (Guiseppe) Stella (Tree of My Life) on top, Ammi Phillips (Portrait of a Young Woman, Possibly Mrs. Hardy) below.  

But aaaaaaa!!!!! my brain is full to overflowing with images, and I have to get at least something on paper.  Today.  Now.  And since I've checked off three other things on my to-do list (call 7Days, call the insurance people, write something for the blog, oh, hi there...) I think it's time to do just that.

Until then.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mark your calendars, art fiends!

A little drum roll please, as we announce the:

Memorial Day weekend has lots of enticing events, but if you're able, consider attending this one!  

It's state-wide, so wherever you are in VT on May 29th & 30th, you'll probably see the ubiquitous yellow signs directing you hither and yon.  

Much remains to be done as the clock ticks its way towards that weekend, so it's nice to check one thing off the list.

Other things I'm happy about lately include:

--The Vermont Artist Week at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, where I'll be for a solid week of art making very VERY soon.  

--The one-day encaustic workshop I attended at Studio Place Arts in Barre last week, at which I made lots of mess, but sort of found my groove at the end.

--My Etsy shop, which is that much closer to actually getting done (I know, THAT'S been a long time coming!)

--Arkonbey the Awesome, who came to my rescue with his design skills last night, and will also be giving the Sweet Enemy portion of our Obscurius site a nice facelift soon as well.  It's pretty great as-is, but it's time for a re-arranging and updating, as with most things.  

--Daffodils.  Daffodils and crock-pots, though not together, both make me happy.

That's all till next time.