Monday, March 24, 2014

Egg Scratching

At long last, my chickens and I are collaborating.  They lay the egg, a job I DO NOT envy, and I empty it, cook & eat the contents and then (after a proper wash) start painting on the shell.

Here are a few eggs I've just posted to the Sweet Enemy Art Facebook page (go give it a like!)

Not too long ago I had a studio visit from local artist Mary Hill, who came and interviewed me while I demonstrated this technique.  They were supposed to edit today, but I'm not sure when it will air on our local cable access channel.  Here's to hoping I don't come across as a complete dork.

This is what my work area looks like when I do these:

But it wasn't this messy when we filmed!  Had to use a completely different table.  All good.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowy weekend accomplishments

Started my Sunday with a 7 a.m. snowshoe through the woods with Arkonbey.  Our halfway point was a semi-secret lookout overlooking our little river valley.  No camera, we just soaked everything in as the sun rose up through layers of cloud.

Before chills set in, we proceeded back over the ridges and down to the "town" for some fresh donuts.  On a day like this, I tend to think we live in paradise.

KW was due to come over for a long-awaited art day (it's been months!) So in preparation, I cleaned up my second table for her, re-arranged some art, and happily didn't have to take too long to get it looking nice in here.  Even had time to throw together a soup before she arrived (that morning snowshoe made me productive, by heck!)  Spent most of the day chatting on a WIDE variety of topics, which is a very pleasant way to accompany the filling in of colors and stippling of tiny dots.  Not to mention the eating of soup & donuts & drinking copious amounts of tea.

So it's back to the day job tomorrow morning, but I have a nice pile of projects behind me as I go.

Here's one of them.  Bear Chariot was originally posted on Etsy in his original black & white, but today I decided he needed some color.  Here's his new look!  Another bear I know is very pleased with the "cinnamon" color I went with.

Click on image to hop over to his Etsy page!

And before I totter off to bed, here's a detail from an upcoming Transportation project piece:

Gator on a zamboni/tank:
The rest of him will be visible sooooon...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Blues & Pinks

Hello there!  This has been one heck of a start to the year, with one storm right after the other.  I have had to postpone getting together multiple times with my Mum to celebrate Christmas (CHRISTMAS!) and it's FEBRUARY.  Sorry, Mum.  Our schedules & the weather will cooperate sometime soon.

I have at least found time to make art for the exhibit at S.P.A.C.E.  This is "Atrophy,"  colored pencil on black gessoed paper.  It was quite a challenge working on black, there are things I'll try to remember for my next attempt, but overall I am pleased.

"HeART Attack!" is this February's exhibit theme.  Dropping off work today I saw soft-sculpted yet absolutely mouth-watering chocolate cakes, crazy textured paper pieces, and would have stayed longer to peer into more packages, but the snow (surprise!) was coming down hard and I wanted to get back.  It's going to be a great show, once again, and the weather looks like it might be fair.

Here's a peek at the Bear cards I just made for Valentine's day, or any occasion, really.  They're available at S.P.A.C.E. and Artists' Mediums too (while supplies last.)  Carving the block was a nice stress release...
Getting ready to print

Finished cards!  Hot off the (hand) press!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Transportation Project Continues!

UPDATE!  Don't forget that if you want something beautifully printed with my art on it, you have until Midnight tonight to save $5 per item and get free shipping.  Use this lovely code and have fun!

Camel Skates! 
Detail of the Ibex Mobile, to be posted soon!

The Ultimate Compact Car!
Thought I'd do a fresh post to update where I'm at on these drawings.  See the previous post to see where I'm coming from.  Car shopping yesterday was a bracing experience, as the windchill temperature was around 20ºF.  Dad and I tried several cars at a few different places, and I have a better idea of what feels right and (sigh) what my price range will bring.

Fueled by the classic diner food we had, I accomplished a lot more than I had expected as I worked into the night.  I am pacing myself to update my Etsy shop bit by bit, not all at once.  Better traffic that way, get it?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Transportation Project!

IbexMobile, Mouse Skates, Cat Cars and more!  

Flying Carpet Bears on their way to a new home!  (Sold!)

Chrysler LeBearOn!

I have started a series of small drawings that are all transport related.  If you're wondering what  inspired this, well, it finally happened:  my beloved car bit the dust (dramatically!)  

For the past few weeks Arkonbey and I have carpooled, but our schedules are getting crazy and we need the second car.  That's where you come in.  I have priced these drawings to sell QUICK.  

Stay tuned to this blog, where I'll be posting the drawings when they go live in my Etsy shop.  You can also follow posts on the Sweet Enemy Art Facebook page.  

Another drawing posted today, December 7th!

Mouse Skates

New drawings posted December 5th!  

Basically, any art you buy from me right now, online at Society6, Etsy, or in person, will really help me towards my goal.  

P.S. I'm already working on two commissions, so I won't be taking requests for anything before January.  Lots of goodies are available in the studio though, so leave a comment here if you're looking for something.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Inktober x 4, I mean x5 (whoops! Edited to add #Inktober #8!)

Well, once again my apologies to those whose portraits may not have turned out as well as I'd have liked... I only drew ya 'cause I thought you looked good!  And some of you are famous actors so you'll probably not see this anyways.  So, cheers.

#Inktober #8

#Inktober #9

#Inktober #10

#Inktober #11

#Inktober #12

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Inktober 6 & Inktober 7 double-whammy-post

I've been having slight technical hiccups, so please pardon the image quality of my two latest #Inktober drawings.  
#Inktober 7  it's Rick! 

#Inktober 6 it's Lorraine in costume!
Still working the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, though as you can see in #6, I sometimes get carried away with shading and then I try to soften it but do exactly the reverse.  Lorriane was not blushing!  Oh well. This is good exercise.
I'm fairly pleased with Rick's portrait, though of course scale is off.  Barbara Lang took the photo a few years back, she was a wonderful photographer, artist and bon vivant.  Love this image she caught of the boy.

I spent most of the day today on the couch, feeling wonderfully sloth-like.  Got lots of napping in, though it has thrown off my sleep schedule a bit.  There were a few small accomplishments involving laundry, chickens, and uploading images for work.  I won't bore you.

There we have it, a week of ink drawings.  Let's see what the next seven days brings.