Friday, February 10, 2017

Mural at Phoenix Books in Burlington

2016 was a year of two big "firsts" for me... I illustrated two stories for a friend (see my posts about the Crown of Secrets book) and I also undertook the designing and creation of a huge (for me) indoor mural in Burlington VT. I'll be blogging more about it soon, as we are approaching the completion date!

I've been working on the mural for about two months all told, though it's been just Sundays & Mondays for the most part, with a break in December/January. Whenever I'm there, I post in-progress images on my Instagram. It's been quite a trip! I'm nearing the end of this phase, but now we're talking about doing a second mural in the same store. Check out Phoenix Books if you're in the area. Locally owned, Independent and they are all highly informed booksellers. I love hanging out there as I get to hear about all sorts of good books while I'm painting. If you need help finding a book for someone hard to shop for, they know the questions to ask. 

Some progress shots from this week.

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