Saturday, March 24, 2007

foggy spring brain

We've gone from 3 feet of snow to bare patches of soggy ground in what seems an amazingly short time. Resisting the urge to just lie down and nap, we're trying to keep the house fairly clean and at the same time re-arrange and re-decorate.

Let it be said that right now I'm experiencing a bit of envy for Rick's studio, small though it is, because he has it well-planned out. Myself, I've just started using the other half of this wonderfully large room that is my studio, and actually started putting things up on all the walls. In other words, acting like I live here...
I have way too many things that I like doing, is the problem. But I think this room can handle all that. The table I'm typing on right now will most likely double as the sewing table once I get going on some fabric projects for the house.

But the best part of this room is that the size (and wonderful light!) will allow get-togethers with other artist friends. One of the main reasons we wanted to get a house in the first place.

List of things to do must not overwhelm me...

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