Thursday, April 19, 2007


not a particularly artsy shot, but these poor things (at least five clusters or more!) have survived some nasty late-spring snowstorms, so I thought I'd document them at last.

This is something that was rather startling to find. (I'm thinking it's rhubarb) There are several of these, and they are fresh-blood red. I got to see some fresh blood just before discovering these, because Nabu, never known for eating what she catches, ATE WHAT SHE CAUGHT. I'm 50/50 between being grossed out, and being proud. She ate everything but the guts, something hard, and one teeny paw. That's my kitty. Being outdoors all day has apparently sharpened our instincts.

We discovered on our lawn a mysterious cache (really, a half-buried dumping) of seashells. Some are quite decent, but there are so many of them, I wonder if they ended up on the lawn because their previous owner just got overwhelmed. So I've put them to use as little markers for the plants that are starting to show up. The grass had grown up so long before we moved in that I didn't even know half this stuff was here. It's fabulous.

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