Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The leaves are turning

1.) Oh the rude awakening of shorter days and dropping temps. Still, my first real vacation in years was a perfect balance of warm days and crisp nights.

2.) Two nights before our wedding, we sat on our deck watching meteors, one of the planets (forgot which one of course) the milky way, and even the space shuttle and it was amazing.

3.) The coyotes still have their nightly sing somewhere nearby.

4.) I'm hoping all our tomato plants will fruit before we get into frost weather.

5.) The neighbor's velvety pristine lawn makes ours look hilarious. Someday I will master this arcane art known as 'landscaping.'

6.) One reason our lawn looks the way it does is a very good reason indeed. During vacation I actually got lots of work done on my current paintings: Lizard man & All good dogs. Have nearly worn out my Rasputina & the Decemberists' Crane Wife cd's in doing so.

7.) Rick is designing a new portfolio site for me, seeing as how we never got the last one up and running. The color palette is quite nice.

8.) Vacations are both wonderful and dangerous in that one never wants to have to work for anyone else again at all ever thank you very much, though I suppose it helps pay for the wonderful home & studio. Lets just say it's actually been rather inspiring.

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