Saturday, March 22, 2008

what, it's spring already? Been hibernating...

Starting the morning off at 18 deg.F, this afternoon's 30 deg.F feels positively balmy. Maybe it's really warmer than that. Either way, there are small signs of spring, including robins all over the place, and a flock of geese headed back north today.

Here's some sketchbook stuff from the last few weeks:

1.) Our giant housemates, Darius & Filbert, in a quick sketch for a painting I want to do, and a reference photo from today.

2.) Going through a sketchbook from last year and drawing on one of the painted-over pages inspired this next series of sketches (I plan on doing this one fairly big which will be a challenge for me... so many trees!)

3.) A late-night sketch of our dining room (from memory as I was on the couch.) I liked how it turned out so I took the walnut ink to it, and now I like it even more.

4.) Last but not least: This is the oldest page of sketches, done while house-sitting for Mom. The colors are a bit overworked, but there are some good parts. Colored pencil & walnut ink. Done while on the phone and/or watching tv so I was sort of paying attention re: accuracy.


Arkonbey said...

Looking at the Philbert/Darius piece, darkening the wall would make Philbert really pop.

on the plus side, you really captured Darius' regal bearing.

Sweet Enemy said...

You are correct about the wall. And thank you about the 'regal bearing!' I wasn't sure.