Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Hoppin'

Alright, Burlington! I have finally partaken of the massive event that is the Art Hop. And it was good, largely thanks to the wonderful spot provided by Studio D-3 (Marie Davis, Ginny O'Reilly and Carol Norton.)
The mini heat-wave on Friday had everyone out and about, including the UVM students, for whom this was their first full weekend. I saw quite a few folks with skateboards in hand, and were I so athletic, that's totally the way I would transport myself about for such an event. There were so many venues that I wanted to see, and so little time to run out and see them.
The Mister was kind enough to relieve me for a bit Saturday afternoon, so I could do just that. I also made him bring me food, since I'd survived on one donut and lots of water since 10am. (Not that I couldn't have foraged for myself, but I didn't want to miss anything.) Fortunately I ran into Miriam on the way out, so we went up the street to see her great paintings at the Soda Plant (at Alderson Inc./Jordan Silverman Photography.) We also saw Adam Marsano's wood structures at Recycle North's Building materials site, and stuck our heads in at a few other venues on the way back to my spot. We got there in time to start winding down, which, thanks to Mom & The Mister, went smoothly.

I know I always say this, but Thank You, and I really mean it, for coming out to see me art Art Hop!

Next up, odd things (and good things) overheard at Art Hop.

All in all, a wonderful lead-up to my Birthday!


Arkonbey said...

heh. Your 'bold' tags are messed up.

Sweet Enemy said...

YEAH, well I didn't even know that it finally went through and actually POSTED, so there.