Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pen & Ink for winter

The last two months, I've barely touched the acrylics. But I have been wearing out my crow-quill pen, I'm down to the last few drops of Higgins Black Magic, and my watercolors are finally getting used up.
Yes, there's a bit of a reading theme now. Perhaps I could do a story after all, despite my protests to the contrary.


Miriam said...

If you draw it, I will write the words. --Mir

Sweet Enemy said...

Cool. But maybe throw me a few words (impressions or what-not) so I have something new to bounce off of. Collaboration!

Miriam said...

They are all beautifully lit, too. The first is a vaudeville routine, very abbot and costello, except with a lot of bird humor. (nice shadows)

The second looks very "Through the Looking Glass" except the kittens are being read-to (in French?) about a little girl. The kittens are bored and pass through a mirror, at which point they find themselves on a safari in Kenya, hunting rare Giant Mice.

The third might be a nineteenth century comedy of manners, or perhaps a sensationalist mystery novel of the same time (Poor Miss Finch? A young birdlet is overcome by sudden blindness, after falling in love with a handsome bird, except he is one of a set of twins, except that the twin she loves is turned into a bluebird after a medical treatment of silver nitrate, and our fair birdlet thinks she can sense the blue--I did not make this plot up, Wilkie Collins did)

And in the fourth, a tender Grandma Wolf reads away in her cottage, only to be terrorized by a terrible little girl in a red cape.

These plots may be too disturbing to be written.

And thank you for the compliments on my page!

Sweet Enemy said...

WOOO! I love these ideas. Perhaps I'll do some more sketches today & tomorrow while at the gallery. But as I sit here, seems I've got free wireless, so let's hope self-discipline wins out over blog-reading!

Miriam said...

I am working on some story lines...