Sunday, February 15, 2009

Frogs for PW!

Here are a few of the frog 'studies' I've been trying to re-create for P.W. My goal was to recapture the feel of the original that sold at Art Hop, but without copying exactly. Well, there are a fair number of attempts, but still I'm not quite sure I've got it. Patient P.W. has been waiting for ages to see something (anything!) so here they are for her perusal.

Out for a jaunt with his mushroom umbrella and acorn. 4x6 inch.

Walnut ink wash, colored pencil and black ink. 4x6 inch (I like his eyes.)

Quite a departure from the 'original' I wanted to give him more landscape. (For 4"x6" I was able to squeeze in a good amount.)

Breaking away from the original 4x6 size, I went to 8x8 and then cropped to about a 5x7 size here. A few nice moments in this, but also a few technical issues. This led Rick to recommend me doing more figure studies for Frog.

These sketchbook images are from this evening, I'm trying to emphasize his "dancing" posture.


Miriam said...

I like frog #3's face and the color of the sky here. This frog would be voiced by Graham Crowden.

Arjan said...

guess what's playing in my head now...

'..sink or swim...'

Sweet Enemy said...

ha ha, very nice!

Patricia O said...

Hi, Kristin!
I haven't forgotten the frog in the wings. Still looking forward to seeing him and bringing him home to 17 BW.See you at the Art Hop?

Sweet Enemy said...

Hi Patty! I've switched over to a new computer, and only just now seem to have cured my email issues, but I'd love to touch base with you on the 3rd frog! He's all matted up, but as you might have noticed I wasn't in this year's Art Hop (too pricey!) I'll try to drop you a line by snail mail soon,