Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small Picture Exhibition opens this Friday

Nazgul Bride  Graphite on paper  ©Sweet Enemy Art 2010
I've submitted two pieces to the annual Member's Small Picture Exhibition at the Bryan Memorial Gallery, which runs through December 23rd 2010.  Obviously, what you see here isn't quite Vermont landscape, but this show usually mixes things up a bit.  I'm curious to see if they hang both my pieces at once, or if the turnout was large enough where only one piece from each artist will show at a time.

Guess I'll have to wait, though, as I'm missing the opening reception this Sunday!  Check back then and you'll see why.  


Arjan said...

that's quite the cool idea!
I'm always envious on people who can draw or paint this well!

Sweet Enemy said...

Thank you Arjan!
I do love drawing :)

Spike said...

I really like your drawing! Well done.