Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some creatures on bikes

Let's just be clear, here:  I have lived with Arkonbey for a long time, and there are always bicycles in the house.  And yet, I remain completely unaware of how the things are actually constructed.  Far be it from me to actually go and look at one.  I mean, there are only a paltry few to choose from.  Regardless, here are a few creatures, on my interpretations of those two-wheeled devices.
Cat on a bike 1 ©SweetEnemyArt
Cat on a bike 2  ©SweetEnemyArt

Lemur on a bike  ©SweetEnemyArt

Thing on a bike (For Arkonbey) ©SweetEnemyArt
Thing on a bike was the progenitor of this series, by the way.


Arkonbey said...

"Thing on Bike" on a T-shirt = WANT

Don Snabulus said...

Me too. Any of these going up on Etsy?

Sweet Enemy said...

@Don: Well, it depends on whether I manage to print the design myself (tricky) or take it to a small local company (potentially pricy) but I do hope to at least make a few of these THINGS.

@Arkonbey: I know. Sheesh ;)

Arjan said...

that Lemur is absolutely awesome too :) Could figure in a children's book easily.

I live in a city of's hard nót to see a bike.