Monday, September 12, 2011

Well, my goodness.

I've been mentioned in one of my favorite blogs!

Now I have to address the "identifies herself primarily as an illustrator" bit.  Do I?  It seemed the best phrase for my short listing in the Art Hop, but I'm open to suggestions.  Whimsical is a word that fits much of my work, but I'm honestly done with it.  So if you have an idea, shoot it on over!


Rambler said...


I can see the appeal of describing your pieces as illustrations, as they do invite the viewer to step into that world and imagine all sorts of stories. But since the word "illustrate" seems to imply that there's something else that existed first, which the images illustrate/clarify/enhance, I wouldn't say it's necessarily the best word.

I'm not sure what is... As you know, I've settled for calling your work "whimsical and evocative" before, with the hope that "whimsical" would communicate how richly imaginative it is and "evocative" would give more of an edge and imply the potential for a darker twist. I'll look forward to reading others' ideas!

Sweet Enemy said...

Indeed! Thanks Rambler, you're a good word spinner. Perhaps we can chew on this over tea :)

Julia Sutliff said...

Words that come to mind when I take in your work: mystery; deep imagination; skulking unconscious; things that peep from shadows.

Sweet Enemy said...

Oooh! I like the "skulking unconscious" because that just conjures up a lovely image itself. Well put, Julia and thanks!