Monday, March 19, 2012

How I spent my Sunday

After a late night of music videos & sketch-booking, Arkonbey & I dragged ourselves from the comforts of bed, fed the B monster his rations and trundled down to Martone's in Essex Junction.

Will Workman met us there, and so with coffee, scones and sketchbooks we had a pleasant morning, especially as it was a chance finally to really visit.  Lots of good ideas bouncing around.
Three hours later, we gave up our table and headed our separate ways.
Home for a brief bit, so I got in an hour or so of painting before we headed out to Cambridge to see more friends.  

Here's what I did before we settled down to one of Patti's fantastic feasts:

Dave's Ural with sidecar (super comfy seating)

And away we go!

Perfect way to enjoy the warm sun, delicious air and muddy roads at speed!

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