Wednesday, September 4, 2013

creativity in the wee hours

It never fails:  the closer I get to an event, the more REALLY AWESOME IDEAS start coming as to what I could create for said event. 

But as I get older, I am at least able to let some of these ideas go, and thus remain somewhat relaxed.*  "Next year," I'll whisper as I pat them on their little heads and send them out the door.  "You're a great idea, really great.  But let's try for next year.  Bye bye!"

Still, the idea of completing these 18 new small paintings just cannot be let go of.  I have tonight (and it's almost 11 p.m.) and tomorrow night in which to finish them.  

Here's a view of what I did to our living room last night.  Camped on the couch while installing hanging hardware and roughing in colors. The lights are low to protect the innocent.

Now, off I go to attempt this crazy goal.  

*I am fairly certain my guy will attest to this.

Bonus picture from my archives!  Here's what I look like after way too many hours spent painting and staring at screens.  Well, it could be worse, I suppose.
this is actually from 3 years ago.
I don't want to see an updated version.


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