Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Transportation Project Continues!

UPDATE!  Don't forget that if you want something beautifully printed with my art on it, you have until Midnight tonight to save $5 per item and get free shipping.  Use this lovely code and have fun!

Camel Skates! 
Detail of the Ibex Mobile, to be posted soon!

The Ultimate Compact Car!
Thought I'd do a fresh post to update where I'm at on these drawings.  See the previous post to see where I'm coming from.  Car shopping yesterday was a bracing experience, as the windchill temperature was around 20ºF.  Dad and I tried several cars at a few different places, and I have a better idea of what feels right and (sigh) what my price range will bring.

Fueled by the classic diner food we had, I accomplished a lot more than I had expected as I worked into the night.  I am pacing myself to update my Etsy shop bit by bit, not all at once.  Better traffic that way, get it?

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