Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowy weekend accomplishments

Started my Sunday with a 7 a.m. snowshoe through the woods with Arkonbey.  Our halfway point was a semi-secret lookout overlooking our little river valley.  No camera, we just soaked everything in as the sun rose up through layers of cloud.

Before chills set in, we proceeded back over the ridges and down to the "town" for some fresh donuts.  On a day like this, I tend to think we live in paradise.

KW was due to come over for a long-awaited art day (it's been months!) So in preparation, I cleaned up my second table for her, re-arranged some art, and happily didn't have to take too long to get it looking nice in here.  Even had time to throw together a soup before she arrived (that morning snowshoe made me productive, by heck!)  Spent most of the day chatting on a WIDE variety of topics, which is a very pleasant way to accompany the filling in of colors and stippling of tiny dots.  Not to mention the eating of soup & donuts & drinking copious amounts of tea.

So it's back to the day job tomorrow morning, but I have a nice pile of projects behind me as I go.

Here's one of them.  Bear Chariot was originally posted on Etsy in his original black & white, but today I decided he needed some color.  Here's his new look!  Another bear I know is very pleased with the "cinnamon" color I went with.

Click on image to hop over to his Etsy page!

And before I totter off to bed, here's a detail from an upcoming Transportation project piece:

Gator on a zamboni/tank:
The rest of him will be visible sooooon...

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