Who is Sweet Enemy?

Hi there.
My name is Kristin Richland, and this is my artwork.  Sometimes I paint with acrylic, and sometimes I use a combination of drawing and painting with ink & watercolor.  

Fantastical animal people are my main subject matter but you'll also see my Mode de Monstre work here from time to time. That's where dresses start sprouting eyes, teeth, and otherwise look as though they might eat you.
I do enjoy the spookier side of the art world as much as I do the cuter side, so consider yourself warned.
Why Sweet Enemy? The name was bestowed when I was making cakes for a living (my husband would say "You brought home yet another cake! So evil! but, oh, so tasty...") and ever since I've found it's a good description for the reactions my artwork generates: Sweet, but with a little edge.

Here's a review of my work from Mei-Ling Uliasz of Twitch and Whiskers ("Upcycled Jewelry, Downright fun.")  We met in 2013 at the Picnic Music & Art festival in Portland, Maine, and this is her great re-cap of the show.

Etsy reviews:

Gorgeous! The egg was beautifully decorated in amazing detail. It arrived well-packaged and communication with the artist was super pleasant. Highly recommend buying from this seller!
-Amanda, 2013

Beautifully packaged - survived an ice storm! - and utterly charming. I can't wait for this skatin' camel to grace my wall!
-Cat, 2013

Cute, cute, cute and matted just right! The artwork is poignant and has just the right touch of whimsy for me. The packaging was icing on the cake and a true one of a kind delivery. As the seagull in Nemo said, "Mine, mine, mine." Amazing artist. Easy sales process and very considerate.  The artwork itself engendered an exclamation from my spouse and that's truly hard to get. I am addicted!
-B. Choi, 2010