Monday, October 29, 2007

buy some

Okay! So I've been invited to take part in a one-day art sale Dec. 15th down in Burlington. Sort of off the beaten path of Burlington shoppers, but if I get the word out enough perhaps there will be substantial traffic! Coincidentally, it's in the same warehouse my grandparents used to have the family appliance shop. 'Tis a small small world.

Consider yerselves invited, though time of sale is TBA.

In addition to underwater paintings, I'll have a weird little series of (tiny) monster-dress paintings, and some creatures too. Kind of an odd mix, but I aim to have some sort of common thread throughout.

My Seahorse piece finally got picked up this weekend, so that's another bit of dough for the art-fund. Including two tiny paintings at Open Studio in May, that makes four pieces sold this year. It's a nice, encouraging bump!

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