Thursday, October 18, 2007

new member of the family

and he's full-grown too!
Please say your hellos to Filbert Appleshrug.
Made by this fine seamstress, he's come to us as a wedding gift from my dear Cali-bound friend e. Rick got to see him first, as he arrived in e's car, but I met him later that night upon walking into our rather dark living room. Please note tE'he white fur and you can imagine the eerie glow. Apparently my reaction was something to be savored. And e just about got his ribs crushed in many thank you hugs.

He is taller than me, though his appendages have a hard time staying put when standing upright. He's really a couch boy (his hands are perfectly shaped for holding the remote...) Fully detachable head, arms and legs. Red chennile-type fur at each seperation point.
We love him.
And I think e will miss him.

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