Sunday, December 2, 2007


Last night Carol & Andre made it over for a late dinner, and with a spot of wine with apple crisp and the ice cream they brought for dessert, it was a nice mellow ending to a busy day. Carol finally got to meet Filbert as well. Rick missed the perfect photo opportunity of Carol sporting Filbert's head as her own.

Today we met Seth & Kai for coffee in Burlington on their whirlwind New England tour. After a long search for Radio Bean we finally found it. Rick had thought it was on Church Street, I was certain it was down the west end of Pearl Street, but we were both wrong. With the temperature dropping and dropping it was a relief to finally be directed there by a kind lady.
During our search, we had run into another friend of theirs from the ice (antarctic!) and we soon sat around drinking and chatting and had a good time catching up.

On the way home, we stopped in to Diane Shullenburger's gallery in Jericho for the first time. Saw a few folks I knew from the store of course, and some really nice paintings & photos.
Now we're hunkering in with the wood stove going, awaiting the snow storm that's on its way. Listening to World Tales by Jennings & Ponder. We'll see what the morning brings... wish I could telecommute like Rick will be doing!

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