Monday, May 26, 2008

What's next

Thanks again to all of you who stopped in and said hello this weekend. I really appreciated your visits and conversations! To those who couldn't make it, there will be more events later this year, and you can always check out the portfolio link to your right if you want to see finished work.

The combination of talking and painting (and eating SO many cookies) all weekend has finally taken it's toll, though I did have enough energy left to plant some neglected flower bulbs and squash seeds when I got home.

Next on the calendar: I've been invited to bring a few pieces down to Bennington's Vermont Arts Exchange to be part of a small group show. That invite was courtesy of a fellow MECA alum, Renee Bouchard, who is currently in residency there.

Also I'll be participating for the first time at the Art Hop in Burlington. The artists who shared their studios with me in December for the Holiday Sale have invited me to use one of the hallway spaces, "the fair weather gallery," as one of them called it.
That event runs September 5th & 6th, I'll know more once registration begins.

Until then, I'm going to look into having prints made of certain paintings, writing my artists' statement, gardening, and trying out the screen printing kit I bought for Rick (he doesn't mind, isn't he great?)
Though I have a feeling the screen printing kit will get the most attention at first.


Arkonbey said...

no mention of your sales? Sheesh!

Rayanne said...

Very cool! You should post up some of your screen prints.

Miss ya!

Sweet Enemy said...

Thanks! If I can get the camera coordinated tonight, I'll do just that. Cheers!