Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"May truth be spoken between you and me, and may all we do seek justice."

--Mimnermos, 6th century, BCE
From Dances for Flute and Thunder, poems from the Ancient Greek, translated by Brooks Haxton

I found this written in a sketchbook I had taken along while house-sitting way back when. It's a pretty good sentiment for our time.

Meanwhile, I've started a few more tiny paintings, and work on "Frog In the Forest" and "Housemates (Darius & Filbert)" continues slowly.
Also picked up the canvas reproductions of "Hatching Ground I" and "Creature & Healer" when we went through Brandon this weekend. They look fabulous but I haven't figured out a pricing structure yet. And Art Hop is right around the corner, so just a wee bit of pressure to get everything wrapped up.
The aquarium in Boston was fabulous (though crowded) and I got some great pictures courtesy of Spike. Thanks Spike!
Next post will be about how I made $20 on the train back. Innuendo!

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