Tuesday, August 19, 2008

so very busy

Time again to dust off the ol' blog:

I just got back from the info meeting at Seaba for the Art Hop. Barely two weeks to go, and with all the crazy framing going on at the store, I have to make sure I don't forget to order the last few frames I, myself, need! Debating also whether I have time to design a button to hand out (or sell) at Art Hop, among other venues. Got the link from Arkonbey-- Busy Beaver Buttons. ($35 bucks for 100 1" buttons, how cool is that?) The Art Hop "Juried Show" will be on display for the month of September, we'll see if I got into the "juror's choice" section. Either way, Housemates (Filbert & Darius) will be on display there. Our favorite piece that we saw there at drop-off was one of John Brickels' ROBOTS. Oh, when we win the lottery...

With all the rain, and the long hours at work, we've only been able to do house-stuff here and there. Our garden is this vast forgotten tangle of greenery, but there appear to be several tomatoes, but I dare not jinx myself by describing the rest of the produce before harvest-time! See, I have learned from last year.

Spent Sunday down at the BCA Print studio with Miriam, and we had a good time messing about--first trying to remember how to print from Pronto Plates, then giving up after a few attempts. (something to do with the ink, we'll know more for next time.) Then she did some really nice two-color prints from some older zinc plates, and I followed some old class notes on the "Joe Zurker method" of monoprinting. My pile of experiments produced about two or three good prints. Two of them, 'ghost' prints, have been much improved by colored pencil.

I've started a few tiny paintings in addition to the prints, so it's time to sign off and work on those.

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