Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TWO POSTS in one day? Never!

I just realized the two or so of you readers out there never got to hear my story all about how I made money on the commuter train! It was quick, painless, and I would have only charged the guy five bucks if anything at all, but he was so happy, he gave me a twenty.

Thus ends my sad attempt at innuendo.
So there we were, just settling ourselves into our seats on the Grafton-bound commuter train Sunday evening, and I chose to sit facing Rick, since we were on the seats by the door where you can do that. A couple with two little kids sat down, the mom holding her baby girl sat next to Rick along with her son, and the dad next to me with the carriage. I was pretty absorbed trying to sketch Rick (and it was actually sort of looking like him, too) so I never even noticed the dad leaning over and complimenting what I was doing. Rick had to pretty much kick me. Anyways, he asked if I'd take a commission, drawing his wife (now holding the little guy, who'd fallen fast asleep) So I did my best, and dang if I didn't actually get some sort of a resemblance, and even managed to finish up just as we pulled into their station. He was happy enough with it (or at least the experience & novelty) to give me a twenty when he shook my hand, and I was more than happy to have been given the challenge.

It made Rick's day too. He even posted about it before I ever did.