Tuesday, October 28, 2008


After laying awake in bed last night for at least an hour, I finally thought up a few feasible Halloween costumes. From my Stik-Fas flower fairy (with her hammer of love, so named by a friend's daughter) (nixed because I'd have to buy shoes) to a rendering of one of my Monster Dresses (Robe de Globe Oculaire, for instance) (nixed because it would take far more time than I actually have) and finally to that snake-headed wonder, the Medusa.

If I was, again, endowed with more time, I could rig up an art-history-nerd-worthy costume of the Raft of the Medusa, but I'm not so I shan't.

Way back in my early days I watched "Clash of the Titans" on the TV at Grandmom's. That meant it was in full color, and it was loud. And I had horrible visions thereafter of the Medusa's head silhouetted against my bedroom window. This costume wins in two respects: I have plenty of old sheets to make a toga from, and I have a lot of paper-mache and plaster bandage.

The plaster bandage is currently curing on my head. It's cold, it's wet, and it's too late to have realized I'm wearing a shirt I didn't necessarily want to get plastery.

But Excelsior! There shall be a costume made!

now if I could just find the camera...

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