Saturday, October 18, 2008

old gem of a link

Ooooh! I'm taking advantage of Arkonbey being asleep (recovering from 24 Hours of Comics day)and going through my old links list on his computer.

Check this out. Quite pretty, and in keeping with my most recent post, too!

The 24HCD event at the store went well. Around 2pm they forced me to go home, rightly so, and it's a gorgeous day so I'm happy to be here. In a few hours, perhaps I'll go to sleep. The t-shirts with the poster were printed by moi, in a crazy first attempt at 2-color silkscreening. What the hey was I thinking? Well, it kept me focused through the wee hours of the morning...


altadenahiker said...

You would never ever guess the weird webby convolusions (convulsions?) that led me to your site. But I'm glad these mishaps happed, because I quite like it here.

Sweet Enemy said...

Those moments of random hyperlinking can be truly marvelous. Thanks for dropping a note, it motivates me to write more often. And I enjoyed nosing around your site too. Nice frog!