Saturday, November 22, 2008

pretty little color boxes

I just found this beautiful post: a re-imagining of a Photoshop desktop; on Drawn
It's one of those things you wish you'd had the genius to think of yourself.
All those teeny little pieces: the wee drawers alone have me going all squidgy. (at least I think they're tiny, I haven't looked through the 'making of' section yet.) And the color palette! I'm betting color aid was involved. Remember color aid?

This reminds me of the cool little exhibit at our local library this month. A collection of antique watercolor paint boxes! We are talking real vintage here (not 1970's) as in perhaps your grandparents used some of these when they were kids. I always get that warm fuzzy feeling when I come across a toy I once had loved but had since forgotten. And there in the display case I see a watercolor tin with a circus painting on the lid. Oh! MY! This probably wasn't the one I'd owned, as it was in really good shape, but nevertheless, warm fuzzies. If you live out this way, check it out at the library. Worth the visit.

Tomorrow Miriam & I head to the Print studio to get some more prints made: I think she's working on her zinc plates, and I'm trying out some drypoint on plexiglass for the first time. Still have to bevel the edges, but I might have access to a file there in the studio. If not, I'm bringing my linoleum as backup. My finger is still hurting from trying to scratch my image into the plate with an old carving tool. But I think that's more the fault of how I held onto it than anything else. Still. Ow.


Arjan said...

your 'mister' send me over to your art page, really really awesome!!

Sweet Enemy said...

Thank you! He sent me your way too, and I must say I'm looking forward to trying some of your cookie recipes...

Arjan said...

there'll be some more this year.