Monday, April 6, 2009

The Portfolio

Has been updated!
It won't look too different at first, but if you go to Paintings, each sub-category has new content. Yes, many of these were previewed here, but please note, print availability is now indicated!
The above image is of "In the Reading Room." Available soon in print form, and my fabulous printer (North 7 Studios) did some beautiful re-touching for me. Though I can no longer recall WHY, I had at one point edited out the left-hand piece. Edited with an x-acto,* that is. And then altered all the colors on the right-hand section. Well, through the miracle of Photoshop, the prints are going to look great. And whole.

*keep those knives away from me! I am not to be trusted!


Miriam said...

I clicked on 'next blog' and got this--cool wood sculptures!


Sweet Enemy said...

Sculpture that lights up at night is especially cool!

Now I have to drop you a real note, not blather in my own blog. :)