Monday, April 6, 2009

Time for some Minatures

Miniature cats! The first group are mainly one-inch squares. And I went through an astounding amount of tape when doing these. Still, a good use of scrap watercolor canvas. I have a few scraps left, but I certainly have to be in the right mood to work this small. All pieces in this post were executed in watercolor & gouache on watercolor canvas.
This guy (?) is just SO happy. And wants to hug you.

Still working on a title for this group. For now, here are "The Comrades."

Once my Etsy store is up, I may post these guys there.


Miriam said...

Love these, especially the Comrades. That pink is great. Would you consider doing a large one?

Sweet Enemy said...

Quite possibly. I have a long painting on canvas that I've never been too happy with, so it might get an overhaul. I'll have to buy some luminous opera pink, though. Yikes.
Or maybe I'll stretch a big watercolor canvas with the gouache that I've already got.


Miriam said...

You can borrow my luminous red (discontinued). I bought it at Artist's Mediums! (cheap plug for your store there)