Monday, July 6, 2009

I've been busy, I just have no way to show it yet...

There are some nice big drawings in progress here at chez studio, but the digital camera has somehow eluded both Arkonbey & myself. We are utterly mystified... where the heck did it go? This seems yet another good excuse to go shopping for a new one.
In addition to the big drawings, I've done a few more miniature pen & ink/ watercolors. These may appear on Etsy once I get that hurdled.

For now, here's an old picture of my studio that I dug up. Showing Boo's favorite new place to sit. Directly in my way.

In other news, I picked up my two pieces from Art's Alive this week. Frog Hollow had displayed "Lit from Within" in their front window and "Nest" was accepted into the Juried show down at Union Station. Not bad. Seeing the big work on display at the juried show was one impetus for the new big drawings. Stay tuned.

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