Thursday, September 17, 2009

A first!

Finally, the very first image directly uploaded from my camera to the blog. Thank you Picassa for simplicity, thank you Arkonbey for solving the great hardware crisis.

Pictured at left is a family of bears that resides in the window of a hopping ice cream shop in Northampton MA. They are huge and pleasantly shaped, and they've been there quite a while (a bit of sun-fading, which gives character.) They are dieting bears, so the vinyl ice cream is rather cruel, don't you think.

Snapped while on an art 'outing' with Karen, which included a full day of visiting the Carle. (That's the Carl Museum of Picture Book Art. Heaven.) Sadly, no pictures from there, as just about everything on display is copyright protected. We closed 'em down though... I think they suffer us staying late because we buy stuff in the bookshop :)

Well, more pics later, now that I've got this technology under my belt. For now, BED.
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