Sunday, March 14, 2010

Farewell Boo

The studio just isn't the same without you, to say nothing of how empty the house feels.  I miss hearing your tiny heavy paws come padding up to me and the tap-tap as you asked to get on my lap. 

You only twice ever got in the paint, you were content to stay countless hours with me, as long as you had a good place to curl up and my water-glass to drink out of.  Every painting I have ever done you were there from beginning to end, or at least it felt like it.  Even when you were underfoot, I loved that you just wanted to be "with."
You used to mew for us when we got too far ahead of you on walks, now it's us looking for you.

Love you, babe-cat.
Thank you for everything.  Thirteen years went by far too quickly.

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Carin said...

K, I'm so sorry. All I can think of is how I would feel if Sandwich left me, and it makes me cry. Would that I could sit with you and reminisce.
So much love to you both.